Skiing @ A-Basin

Eric planned a spontaneous ski trip for our family to Keystone. Allow me to set the scene for you a little bit.

Last year, we went to Breckinridge and we tried the kids out with skiing for the first time. I'm convinced Connor spent the majority of his lesson just making goo-goo eyes at the instructors. Riley, on the other hand, picked it up fairly quickly and the instructors had her go on a lift that ended up being a very lengthy run. She was doing wonderfully, but a storm was rolling in and the instructors received communication to get the kids under shelter, as lightening had been seen. My intuitive girl picked up on the tension of the situation, and this traumatized her. She was convinced that she disliked skiing and never wanted to go again.

Fast forward to our trip this year. Up to the very morning of checking them into their class, Riley was insistent that she does not want to ski. We asked her to keep an open mind and try it just one more time, and if she didn't like it, she would not have to do it again. And she stepped up to the challenge and ended up loving it so much that when her class was over, we ate lunch and she asked us to take her back up the slopes.

Not to leave Connor out, he also showed a lot of improvement from last year. Of no surprise to us, this boy was fearless and just flew down the slopes, even if it meant a tumbling stop at times.

The two of them were just filled with so much joy and we had to practically peel them off the slopes as evening hit. I loved watching them fall in love with something new and will always remember the look complete happiness on their faces.

Stayed at a resort in Keystone

My big skiers

Genuine face of happ

Connor in action

Took a gondola up to a snow adventure

we love tubing!

happy that our kids are so happy


Dr Seuss Week

This week was Dr. Seuss week at the kids' school. My old, embarrassing ASB self came out and made sure the kids were decked out for every spirit day theme the entire week.
Connor's crazy hair day

Bird girl for crazy hair day

And while the week of dressing up was fun (believe me, I was way more amused than a grown person should be by this), what I will remember most is Riley improving her reading skills. This week motivated her to pick up Dr. Seuss books and practice her sight words and fine tune her sounding out of new words. So proud of my little reader!


Easy Baker Riley

This week, Riley came home just talking non-stop about this "easy bake oven" that she had heard from a friend at school. I don't think she had even seen one before, but she instantly became fascinated by the concept of baking by herself. So she asked if she cracked open her piggy bank and purchase her very own. 

I volunteered to drive Riley to the store to make her purchase. As we stepped out into the garage, she said "mommy, maybe we should take Daddy's truck, in case the oven is too big to fit in your car." The innocence of this statement is something that will stick with me forever.

Her first batch-- she handed out to neighbors

Di Tu supports Riley's hobby by sending goodies


Year of the Rooster

Chuc mung nam moi to all our dear loved ones. This year, the kids were able to better understand what we were celebrating. Although the nearby festival we attended left much to be desired, the kids still really enjoyed themselves and although I wish I were better at it year-round, I was very happy to share with them a little bit of Vietnamese culture.

The shouted "chuc mung nam moi" all day

Riley insisted we pose with the red wall

When I let them choose their own poses

A little bit of gambling

Love my sweet hapas


36th birthday

This year I hit the big 3-6. I started the day off getting a manicure/pedicure with my good friend Cati. I picked up the kids and Riley had made several cards for me throughout her school day. Then when evening came, we went out to dinner with some good friends. It was low key and it was perfect.
Dinner at Seasons 52
With some of my favorite gals


First Tooth Fairy Visit

On the day that we celebrated Connor's 4th birthday, after all the guests had left, I found Riley sitting on the sofa just looking glum. I kept asking her what was bothering her, if she was hungry or sleepy but she just shook her head. It wasn't for another couple of minutes when she told me that her tooth was wiggly. I was in utter disbelief. I asked her if she had fallen because I thought no way were we already going to experience this. But sure enough, she opened her mouth and her permanent teeth were already peeping through behind bottom front baby teeth. And just as I was reacting out of shock and excitement, Riley began to cry. I forget that this is a terrifying experience when you don't know what to expect. So we comforted her, and tried to play up the tooth fairy, but the fear remained.

Waiting for the tooth fairy
As the weeks went by, we encouraged her to wiggle her tooth as often as possible. With the permanents already growing, we (really, just me) were eager to get the baby teeth out. But she continued to be apprehensive and afraid of the entire experience.

Then one afternoon, Eric picked the kids up and decided to take them to the pool. And the way Riley told me it happened was as she was coming down the water slide. She felt something in her mouth, and sure enough, it was the first of her baby teeth to fall out.

Riley had it in her head that the tooth fairy hands out gold chocolate coins, an idea she picked up when her Chi Ba Brooke happened to lose a tooth when we were in town. When she woke up the next morning, she ran into our room to share what the tooth fairy had left under her pillow. I cannot believe how big my first-born is.


Christmas 2016 in FL

With the kids' school closing between Christmas and New Years, we decided to again spend the holidays in Fort Lauderdale. You have to know that this is one of my favorite vacation spots. The kids spent every day in the pool and/or at the beach. By the end of the trip, they were excellent swimmers, we were super relaxed and it was an overall awesome vacation

Christmas day on the beach

With my beach babes

Told the kids Santa didn't bring mommy and daddy
gifts because we stayed up to take his photo

ringing in 2017


Pier hugs