blogging take #421532612

well, here we go again. chi hai thought it would be a good idea for me to start blogging again, especially with the recent engagement and the starting of all this wedding planning, and so here i am... blogging yet again. i am terrible about blogging, even though i do enjoy it. 

eric comes home for good in a few days. i cannot believe we're down to days. anyway, those stories of brides who are always happy and excited to plan their wedding... that is definitely not me. don't get me wrong, i love eric and i am so excited to marry him, but i completely suck at planning. i like too many things and i hate making decisions because i always want to change my mind. so far, we have agreed on a chocolate brown and tiffany's blue color scheme and we want to have cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake. but like i said, i am fickle about all the decisions... except the groom, of course. 

here's hoping i'm good about blogging this time around. i am excited to post pictures and links to things i like and look back on it after the wedding gets here to see the progress of it all. 


  1. Hey Van! How are you? Congratulations on your engagement.

  2. What a great idea Chi Hai! I wished I had blogged my planning too. You'll definitely look back and see how all your planning, tears, and sweat transform into a great blessing! Enjoy the ride!..(sorry that was cHeEEEzy)
    luv hong an