colorado was colo-RAD-o

while still in iraq, eric had planned a trip in colorado for us. we were in the winter wonderland for a little over a week and it was as beautiful as it was cold! the second night that we were there was the coldest it had been in colorado since 1901! but that didn't stop us from having an amazing time. we stayed in a town called granby, and while there went to a resort nearby called winter park. 

here we are at winter park with brent and apryl:

eric, his cool guy sunglasses, and me at the top of winter park:

who's this snowbunny??

we were fortunate enough to visit breckenridge (snowbunny picture above) and the view in the photo does not do it justice. it was simply gorgeous up there. i fell pretty hard shortly after that photo above was taken, and the end of that day was our final day of snowboarding, but our fun in colorado certainly did not stop there. 

for you south park fans, this is a picture of the casa bonita:
we visited the denver zoo while they had christmas lights up:

they had my favorite zoo animals...

as well as eric's favorite zoo animal statue:

the following day we had time to visit the downtown aquarium: 

here i am gearing up for a shark feeding (ok, not really):

after the aquarium, we went to golden and toured the coors brewery:

coors salutes the defenders of freedom and likewise, eric supports beer:

it was an extremely fun-filled vacation and it definitely will not be the last time we'll be visiting colorado.

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