i have spent the last few days in california spending time with my niece and nephew, and i cannot get enough of these two! they are so fun and i know it sounds weird to say this about newborn babies, but they have such clear personalities and i am having the time of my life getting to know them both. 

aidan is our nice little guy. he has the biggest eyes and is always looking around and getting to know his surroundings. brooke is the little princess. she is so delicate and yet so sassy but so fun too. i love my niece and nephew!

its never too soon to brainwash the kids:

big yawn from brooke on the changing table:

aidan in the boppy. i love this photo of him!

i am going to be in california for another few days and then its time to say bye bye to the babies for now. i cant imagine how big they'll be the next time i get to see them!


hey mister dj!

first of all, i had to let it be known that i am blogging from an airplane! im flying via virgin america, on my way to california to meet my nephew and niece! it just so happens that the plane i am on has wifi, how amazing is that?! 

well i could probably write a whole blog on the plane experience alone, but this entry is about our disc jockey. we sent in the contract for a dj from jk music productions, recommended to us by the officer's club. 

i love that every decision we make puts us one step closer to a completely planned wedding. i was talking to a friend the other day and he said "you're getting married in 9 months" and i realized... thats not so far away!

next stop... meeting with florists and everyone's favorite... cake tasting!


so many dresses, so little time

eric and i came to indiana to pick up his precious jeep. while we were here, andrea and zack were also in town and andrea and FMIL were sweet enough to take me around indiana to several bridal shops to try on wedding dresses. most brides have problems finding "the one." i, on the other hand, found several ones that i really love!

here's a photo of me going through the bridal gowns and andrea eyeballing the tiffany's blue flower girl dress:

drowning in a sea of dresses:

i'm hoping to have time while in california to try on some more and get some opinions from my mom and sisters. it is a little silly how many dresses i genuinely love! but at least i know that i will be happy with a selection when the time to make a choice comes.

i'd love your help in picking out my dress! unless your name is eric oberly, please click the following link and let me know if you see anything that you love or hate:

pictures of dresses i liked