so many dresses, so little time

eric and i came to indiana to pick up his precious jeep. while we were here, andrea and zack were also in town and andrea and FMIL were sweet enough to take me around indiana to several bridal shops to try on wedding dresses. most brides have problems finding "the one." i, on the other hand, found several ones that i really love!

here's a photo of me going through the bridal gowns and andrea eyeballing the tiffany's blue flower girl dress:

drowning in a sea of dresses:

i'm hoping to have time while in california to try on some more and get some opinions from my mom and sisters. it is a little silly how many dresses i genuinely love! but at least i know that i will be happy with a selection when the time to make a choice comes.

i'd love your help in picking out my dress! unless your name is eric oberly, please click the following link and let me know if you see anything that you love or hate:

pictures of dresses i liked

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  1. dress shopping! so exciting!!

    i think the dress #2 is the most flattering on you, but maybe with a sweetheart neckline like the other dresses?