get with the program

oh man... i've really been digging deep into this wedding planning and yet i don't have much to show for it. it seems as though i've seen every wedding dress on the internet and tried on half a million of them in the dc metro area... although i may not have made any decisions, i'm starting to get a better idea as to what i like so i guess that's okay. 

i've been doing a lot of web browsing on details for the wedding and i came across these wedding programs that a bride made herself. I love that they're pocket sized and fold out to have enough room for all the important information. now all i need is for a dozen of my family and friends to fly out and help me assemble them! haha

that's really all we've got going on lately. tomorrow, eric and i are going to fort belvoir to attend a wedding menu dinner tasting. i will do my best to take photos and write reviews, and hopefully we'll make a decision on what our menu will be! every decision we make puts us closer to a planned wedding, which makes me excited!!

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