hairy situation

...okay, not really. things are going pretty smoothly, i'd say. we're getting ready to finalize decisions on a photographer and a florist, and i foresee a cake tasting in our near future.

however, last night i was watching american idol and although i did not vote for her, i thought megan joy's hair was really cute. so i came home from the gym and was about to hop in the shower when i thought "hey, lets do a hair trial." i have secret dreams to do special occasion hair on weekends, but those dreams are somewhat unrealistic. 

so anyway, here is the end product after 15 mins of teasing, hairspraying, and flat ironing. i'd like to reiterate once again that i just came home from the gym, so perhaps it might look better if i had fresh make up and wasn't wearing my sweaty bob seger tshirt.

i'm not really sure if i like the hair just yet, so expect many more posts like this to come. only next time, i'll try not experimenting post-working-out. one thing i did make a decision on though-- i definitely do not want to be doing my wedding hair by myself.

what do you think?

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