hair part two

well, the boys are out playing a soccer game today, and i have the house all to myself. that meant i had time to work on my wedding hair again! i stopped by michaels on my way home from the gym (so yes, this time around, i am again in my gym clothing) and picked up some silk gardenias just to get an idea of what kind of hair accessory i may want for the big day. the result? a side low do with the flower positioned in two different places. i tried to put more volume in the hairdo than i was able to do last time and i think im starting to get an idea of the style i want on the wedding day. 

flower high on the my left side:
and flower on the lower right side:

i pulled out some of the hair in front to frame my face in the second photo. i think i like that, and i also think the low do needs to stick out more from the front, if that makes any sense. 

please offer me your thoughts and opinions!


first wedding snafu

well, just when i thought we were moving forward and fast, we took two steps back today. i got in contact with our photographer because i noticed he hadn't deposited our check to hold our wedding date. turns out him and his wife have been experiencing a rush of things and they are likely to move to florida, and will not be in the dc metro area in october. we decided that it was probably best not to enter contract, and so here we are... without a photographer. this drives me nuts.

i've spent the majority of my day looking into more photographers. there are so many photographers in this area it is ridiculous. but at least i feel comfortable knowing that there are a lot of people who will be capable of doing a great job.

and so, the search continues...


dressed to impress

i'm really excited to say that the bridesmaids dresses have been ordered! i decided early in the wedding planning process that i liked the idea of having each bridesmaid pick their own bridesmaid dress as long as the dresses are the same color and fabric. after having done some research, i found that alfred angelo had a great variety of dresses. the bm dresses will all be in the expresso brown color, and any dress with a sash or accent will have that be in the claret red color.

i have have 4 beautiful and oh-so-stylish bridesmaids, who all within days tried on the dresses they liked and gave me their sizes so promptly! thanks, ladies! chi hai and bao actually emailed me pictures of themselves in the dresses and i cannot tell you how much that excited me! they looked great!

here are the dress selections made:

bao's dress

chi hai's dress

linh's dress

kha tu's dress

we will soon be dressing the fellas! don't you guys worry!


stop and smell the roses

over the past weekend, i went to see two florists eager to find out what options are available now that we've changed the color scheme. after meeting with them both, we are choosing royal floral designs as our flower vendor. joy is the name of the owner, and she was very sweet, talked me through the entire consultation, keeping our budget in mind but also keeping my vision in mind. i am very excited about the plans that we made!


say cheeeeese!

one more check on the wedding checklist. we have booked our photographer! 

check him out at www.mattveldhuis.com and be on the lookout for upcoming engagement photos!


please raise your glass

i thought these were beautiful and wanted to make a note of them just in case i forgot in the future. i'm always so paranoid about forgetting little details such as toasting flutes. i was thinking that pearl details would make such a cute accent to the fall color scheme of our wedding, but i was also thinking that you can hardly tell that those are little pearls in the flute stems. 

mental note van: google- pearl toasting flutes.

color scheme change

if you followed my blog from the very beginning, you will recall that i once said the only thing we knew for sure was that our color scheme would be chocolate brown and tiffany's blue. well, even that wasn't for sure. i had once asked eric what his thoughts were about chocolate brown and red, and he was content with blue so we left it at that. 

anyway, a few weekends ago, we went to look at tuxedos, and well, we weren't pleased with the brown or blue vest/tie selection. i also ordered swatches of colors for the bridesmaids dresses, and held the tiffany's box against it, and there was no clear match there either. 

so, three nights ago, we were getting ready for bed when eric said "hey babe? ... do you still like brown and red?" that was like music to my ears and then things just started to click! i've been more into wedding planning now than i've ever been. its not that i didnt enjoy the chocolate brown and blue. i still think thats a lovely combination, but i felt so limited as far as decoration and details goes. but i now feel like the color scheme would go great with the wedding being in the fall. i already have an idea of what i want the flowers to look like, so here's hoping i can turn an idea into a beautiful wedding!

for now, enjoy some photos of flowers that i really like: