color scheme change

if you followed my blog from the very beginning, you will recall that i once said the only thing we knew for sure was that our color scheme would be chocolate brown and tiffany's blue. well, even that wasn't for sure. i had once asked eric what his thoughts were about chocolate brown and red, and he was content with blue so we left it at that. 

anyway, a few weekends ago, we went to look at tuxedos, and well, we weren't pleased with the brown or blue vest/tie selection. i also ordered swatches of colors for the bridesmaids dresses, and held the tiffany's box against it, and there was no clear match there either. 

so, three nights ago, we were getting ready for bed when eric said "hey babe? ... do you still like brown and red?" that was like music to my ears and then things just started to click! i've been more into wedding planning now than i've ever been. its not that i didnt enjoy the chocolate brown and blue. i still think thats a lovely combination, but i felt so limited as far as decoration and details goes. but i now feel like the color scheme would go great with the wedding being in the fall. i already have an idea of what i want the flowers to look like, so here's hoping i can turn an idea into a beautiful wedding!

for now, enjoy some photos of flowers that i really like:

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  1. i love the first one for you and maybe the 2nd one for bridesmaids? but not as fancy.