hair part two

well, the boys are out playing a soccer game today, and i have the house all to myself. that meant i had time to work on my wedding hair again! i stopped by michaels on my way home from the gym (so yes, this time around, i am again in my gym clothing) and picked up some silk gardenias just to get an idea of what kind of hair accessory i may want for the big day. the result? a side low do with the flower positioned in two different places. i tried to put more volume in the hairdo than i was able to do last time and i think im starting to get an idea of the style i want on the wedding day. 

flower high on the my left side:
and flower on the lower right side:

i pulled out some of the hair in front to frame my face in the second photo. i think i like that, and i also think the low do needs to stick out more from the front, if that makes any sense. 

please offer me your thoughts and opinions!


  1. Hi,
    I ran across your page searching for "the dress" on google...I don't want to type it out in case your fiance runs across it hehe. I do like the face framing strands as it makes the whole look softer and give it a more romatic feel. I have seen hairdos similar to this, with the "low do" sticking out more and I loved it! If I happen to run across it again I'll be sure to post it!

    I'm in love with "the dress" that I think you posted but took down, since the link no longer works. However, my wedding is only in a few months and I don't have the time to order it :( I'm having a custom designer make the dress with a few changes since they can accommodate my timeline. I was wondering if you could forward me some pictures of "the (PB) dress" , as I know how deceiving the sites pictures can be and it would be of great help! If you wouldn't mind, could you forward it to tahoa83@gmail.com ?

    sorry for the long comment!


  2. In Hawaiian culture, doesn't it signify single or taken depending on where you mount the flower? Then again, I'm not Hawaiian and neither are you so this point is moot anyways.

    My first comment on your site!