hair part two

well, the boys are out playing a soccer game today, and i have the house all to myself. that meant i had time to work on my wedding hair again! i stopped by michaels on my way home from the gym (so yes, this time around, i am again in my gym clothing) and picked up some silk gardenias just to get an idea of what kind of hair accessory i may want for the big day. the result? a side low do with the flower positioned in two different places. i tried to put more volume in the hairdo than i was able to do last time and i think im starting to get an idea of the style i want on the wedding day. 

flower high on the my left side:
and flower on the lower right side:

i pulled out some of the hair in front to frame my face in the second photo. i think i like that, and i also think the low do needs to stick out more from the front, if that makes any sense. 

please offer me your thoughts and opinions!