blessing in disguise

so last week i wrote about the situation with our photographer. i immediately met with a new batch of photographers knowing that with a wedding 6 months away, its likely that a lot of photographers are already booked for our wedding date. this time, i came around with a lot more experience, i knew where to look, what we were looking for, and had a clear number as far as a budget goes. 

the search lead me to joe and katye brier of the happy couple wedding photography. they themselves are a happy couple, married and shooting wedding photos together. most brides will talk about the moment they find "the one" when talking about their wedding dress. well, i had this moment with my photographers. they were so easy to talk to, i explained to them what i was looking for in wedding photography and they just lit up and were so eager to work with me. they're friendly, down to earth people which is a bonus on top of the fact that they are both extremely talented photographers. i am very excited about this!