really? us???

well you read about the contest in a previous post... now read about the winners... US!

it was incredible! us weekly and weddingchannel.com sent us to new york, telling us that they were doing last minute decision making and needed to interview all the finalists! turns out, they sent us up there to tell us that we've won the contest!! i cannot put into words how amazing this experience has been so far and we've just begun! the last 48 hours of our lives has been just insane and out of this world, and we are so grateful for all of it!

we couldn't have done it without the support of our friends and family. and a HUGE shoutout to soldier's angels who blogged about us as soon as they heard a military couple was in the running. 

please follow our story on usmagazine.com


Répondez s'il vous plaît

i just got home from work and a huge box was waiting for me infront of the door. i opened up the box, and ta-da... my invitations have arrived! 

here's a little teaser:

these could not be more perfect! they're nothing too fancy, but simple and clean and i absolutely love them.  

i actually ordered these babies online. the original design comes with a brown ribbon, but my lovely invitation consultant, lisa, allowed me to change the color to match the color scheme of the wedding. she has been a dream to work with! i went through several stages of changing colors and designs, and she never once got impatient with me. she always provided me with detailed answers and amazingly quick! i highly recommend anyone to work with her. feel free to contact me for her info if you see anything on the website that you like. i will be happy to share her information and you will be happy to work with her, i promise!

wedding planning gets so much more fun when things start really happening! be on the lookout for one of these to be showing up in your mailboxes in the near future!


yes we can!

a few weeks ago, i was feeling silly and bored and decided to answer a few questions and entered a "win your dream wedding" contest sponsered by US Weekly and the weddingchannel.com. i really didn't think much of it, until a few days later when i got an email telling me that they were considering eric and i as top 10 finalists in the contest. i corresponded back and forth with them, sent them more photos of eric and i and today, they launched the site with yours truly among the top 10:


to vote, click on "vote for us" at the page above or go to:

and check our names, and hit the "submit final vote" button at the bottom. although voting is not the only thing that determines the winner, i'm sure it plays a big part in the final decision.

haha this is all very fun!