Répondez s'il vous plaît

i just got home from work and a huge box was waiting for me infront of the door. i opened up the box, and ta-da... my invitations have arrived! 

here's a little teaser:

these could not be more perfect! they're nothing too fancy, but simple and clean and i absolutely love them.  

i actually ordered these babies online. the original design comes with a brown ribbon, but my lovely invitation consultant, lisa, allowed me to change the color to match the color scheme of the wedding. she has been a dream to work with! i went through several stages of changing colors and designs, and she never once got impatient with me. she always provided me with detailed answers and amazingly quick! i highly recommend anyone to work with her. feel free to contact me for her info if you see anything on the website that you like. i will be happy to share her information and you will be happy to work with her, i promise!

wedding planning gets so much more fun when things start really happening! be on the lookout for one of these to be showing up in your mailboxes in the near future!

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