1 month-iversary

my sweet husband sent me this little bouquet of flowers with the disclaimer "i know you don't like carnations, but this didn't come in any other flowers":

how sweet is that? and zero calories!


sewing project #1

okay so i worked on these yesterday and today... they really didn't turn out that great, and only look good in a blurry photo... so here is that blurry photo:

just in case you still need an explanation, these are bibs for my niece, nephew, and their buddy jaxton. they're really rather goofy looking, but hey, you have to start somewhere, right? be on the look out for more random sewing products from yours truly!


sew awesome!

as the high that comes immediately after the wedding starts to come down, i find that i end up having way too much time on my hands. i know the whole wedding was planned for us (thanks again amy, jacalyn, and lindsay) but there were times when my email inbox was overflowing, all the phones were off the hook, and i was about ready to pull out my hair. so now while eric is chugging away at the pto working hard i have a lot of free time and so i decided i needed a hobby. normally i would bake, but with eric not being home as often, i didnt want to end up having to eat all the sweets that come from the oven by myself, so i ruled that out. with halloween around the corner, i got into a crafy mood, and decided that sewing was what i wanted to pick up. i used to play around with my mom's sewing machine fairly often... and i know chi hai has embarrassing photos of me playing designer with some scarves, so i thought it only appropriate. i am currently working on a project for three of the cutest infants in southern california and i would post photos of my project, but i'm really uncertain where this is going at this point. hopefully i will be able to have a post about the end results! wish me luck!


eat, drink, be married!

i cannot believe we are where we're at now. the wedding is over, and although it was about two weeks ago, i remember it as if it happened last night. that was, without a doubt, the best night of my life! it was amazing to have all our friends and family in our neck of the woods and just have a grand time. of course having 5 star vendors helped make the event spectacular, but at the end of the day, those vendors went home, and it truly was our 5 star loved ones that brought the party. i wish i had words to describe the feelings i get when i think about our wedding. whatever the feeling is, i hope every couple feels this same way about their wedding and about marriage. it is simply amazing. i will try and do a full day recap when i get the photos back from our photographer.

so here we are, beginning our new life together! i'm excited about everything the future holds for us, and am making an effort to write about every significant milestone along the journey. so please bear with me!