eat, drink, be married!

i cannot believe we are where we're at now. the wedding is over, and although it was about two weeks ago, i remember it as if it happened last night. that was, without a doubt, the best night of my life! it was amazing to have all our friends and family in our neck of the woods and just have a grand time. of course having 5 star vendors helped make the event spectacular, but at the end of the day, those vendors went home, and it truly was our 5 star loved ones that brought the party. i wish i had words to describe the feelings i get when i think about our wedding. whatever the feeling is, i hope every couple feels this same way about their wedding and about marriage. it is simply amazing. i will try and do a full day recap when i get the photos back from our photographer.

so here we are, beginning our new life together! i'm excited about everything the future holds for us, and am making an effort to write about every significant milestone along the journey. so please bear with me!

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