girl's best friend

nope, not diamonds-- dogs! my beagle, indy, is sleeping right next to me as i type this, and i could not be anymore happy or thankful for it.

last week, on a whim, eric and i decided to head to indiana to celebrate thanksgiving. our friend was driving to chicago for the holiday, and didn't want to drive alone so we decided to get dropped off by him. it was nice to see family and friends, but what was intended to be a pleasant long weekend turned out to be a nightmare.

on friday, we returned to eric's mom's house to a shaky indy. she was uncontrollably shaking, but still looking us in the eyes, so eric picked her up and we took her to noah's animal hospital, the brandywine location. while being checked out, indy went into a seizure, but the doctors had taken xrays and suspected that it was overeating. they tried to give her hydrogen peroxide to force her to vomit, but that didn't happen so they pumped some charcoal substance into her system to try to cancel out any toxins she may have ingested. she came out on a leash walking pretty happily, so we thought that was the end of our situation. eric decided to get a pet friendly hotel to give indy a quiet night's rest, and this is where things just got worse.

indy was shaking again and we were trying to get her to relax, walk it off, lay in her bed, and none of that was happening. luckily, noah's at brandywine gave us pamphlets to their 24 hour emergency location and i was dialing there number as indy went into another seizure. and a split second later, in eric's arms, indy froze up, her heart stopped beating, and all i remember at that point was both eric and i screaming. i ran out to get the car, eric ran out with indy, i moved over to the passenger seat and held indy as eric hopped into the driver side and drove what turned out to be the most horrific and yet important drive of our lives. on the way there, indy was in an uncontrollable seizure. two more times on that ride, her heart stopped beating but eric reacted quickly and breathed into her face, and i just hugged her tightly asking her to hold on. 25 miles and 25 minutes later, we got to noah's 24 hour emergency center and handed indy to them. their first statement was that indy's heart was again in arrest. but they came out shortly after to tell us they were able to revive her. before we left that night, we went to see indy who was still shaking a lot, but was given ivs to regulate her.

just as we got to the hotel room, dr. thellman called me to tell me that indy's temperature was dangerously low and that we should come back to visit her because it would be unlikely that she would survive the night. we drove back, and just as we petted her, and sat in the waiting room, her temperature began to slowly rise. we stayed in that waiting room until the last few readings read a consistent 97 degrees, which was when things started looking more hopeful. that night, i called the hospital every hour and come morning, she was at 99 degrees (it is regular for dogs to be between 100-102). shortly after, dr. thellman called us again to inform us that indy had vomited quite a bit, and that our next action was to perform surgery. her stomach had been cleared of foreign bodies, but her intestines appeared to be clogged still. we met with dr, kalt, who informed us that the surgery would be very high risk, especially for a dog in indy's condition, but without the surgery her chances of living were nonexistent. so we found ourselves again, highly stressed and worried in the candle scented waiting room. one hour later, the doctor came out with a smile, and it just felt so much better. he informed us that indy's surgery went as well as it could, her vitals were strong throughout the entire surgery, and that we have 'one lucky puppy'. and from there on, it was back to regulating her temperature and seeing if she was able to eat and drink again.

to make an already long story a little shorter, we are now back in virginia, all three of us... indy is on the road to recovery. we have a little bit of a ways to go, but i am not complaining one bit. i am so grateful that somebody was looking down on our little angel puppy. she really is a miracle. i'm thankful that eric and i were able to react and work as an unstoppable team in a time of crisis, i'm thankful that my family and friends all showed so much support for us and concern for indy, i am thankful for the dedicated crew at noah's animal hospital-- all of which contributed to my little family being together again at home.

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