alive and well

yesterday i was having a pity party for one (myself). lately i've just felt like i'm out of things to do, like i've gotten into this routine and i need a little pizzazz every now and then. i spoke to eric about it and i started thinking about all these things i've always wanted to do, and today i woke up and decided i would do them!

the first thing i did when i got home from work was pick up my guitar. i remember not too long ago sitting in the car with eric when "im alive" by kenny chesney and dave matthews came on and at that very moment i said out loud "i want to learn this song on the guitar!" i wasn't too familiar with it, but i liked the guitar part of it immediately. so i did some googling, found some tabs, watched some youtube, and was able to pick it up rather quickly!

and its not just the ability to play the song that made me feel so good. it was also the lyrics of the song. it was just perfect for what i was feeling, and was just what i needed to kick me in the butt and realize how great i've got it.

life is good. i'm alive and well.

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