platinum star day

if i could still get tiny stars on a chart to represent what kind of day i had, yesterday's would be platinum. i came into work like any other day, logged onto my computer to find an email from my supervisor with "congratulations" in the subject. i figured it would be an email to the entire work group congratulating someone on a promotion. turns out, it was intended for me! i got results back from the certification exam i took at work about a month ago, and i passed! this opens great doors of opportunity for me and is a huge relief lifted up off my shoulders. i took the exam the day after bao and i went to see the mariah carey concert (the morning before sangria met "death") and i left the examination room feeling awfully defeated. so to find out yesterday morning that i passed was an extremely pleasant surprise!

in the evening, we met up with some friends and ate dinner at champs in pentagon row. the weather was cold and windy, but that sure didn't stop us from ice skating outdoors! it was so much fun, i can't even remember the last time i went ice skating. its definitely a lot harder than i remembered, maybe i was just more fearless when i was younger. nevertheless, it was a great time with friends. and i went to bed with a huge smile on my face, completely satisfied with my day.

in a matter of hours, eric's mom will be landing in dc. i am really looking forward to this very fun-filled weekend!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS on the promotion chi ba!!! That's SUPER awesome and you really do deserve it!!! =)