turn that frown upside down

there are always going to be moments when life comes at you too fast or too hard, or days when you feel sad or blue. people have all sorts of different outlets to pick themselves up and make them feel better. my medium of happiness and joy is definitely my niece and nephew. aidan and brooke are two people that never fail to make me smile. its amazing that even from across the country, these two little boogers can totally turn even my worst of days completely around.

here's a video of them showing off some of the words and signs they know:

i always imagined growing up that when it would be time for my sisters to have children, i would be around to watch these kids grow up. it saddens me at times that i can't be physically closer to aidan and brooke. i am amazed everytime chi hai sends me photo or video updates. they grow up so fast! too fast!

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