valentine's day

a lot of people seem to dislike the idea of valentine's day-- they criticize that it is a hallmark holiday. i am the complete opposite of these people. i love valentine's day. sure, i love everyone every day, but i love love so much that i love the idea that there is a day dedicated to love. i am very lucky to have a life full of love; love for my husband, my family, my friends, and of course, indy, our beagle.

on friday, eric came home with a bouquet of flowers. this morning, i woke up to the smell of bacon, eggs, and french toast. eric woke up at the crack of dawn to prepare me this wonderful breakfast. after we enjoyed our meal together, like kids we got excited to exchange gifts (i realize that by now, i had already gotten flowers and breakfast, but what can i say? i'm a lucky girl!). i got eric some games for the new ps3 we recently purchased and he bought me cupcake mix, frosting, and a heart shaped muffin tin. so of course, i baked them and we indulged in cupcakes for the remainder of the day.

i put the bouquet of flowers in a vase, we displayed the cards we exchanged, and we got a box of truffles from the zechers:

i'm a little embarrassed to display how many cupcakes are remaining (because we ate the rest) but here's the funfetti valentine cupcakes with the mold eric bought me:

it was a great valentine's day. i can't help but think about the valentine's day where eric was in georgia, training before his deployment and how miserable i was to be alone on valentine's day while anticipating being without eric for a year. i am so thankful that we are here today to celebrate love and the love that we share. 

in other great news, we are adding one more to the family! ...my sister-in-law, erin, and her boyfriend mike got engaged today!

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