bawwwston with my sistahs

Chi Hai, Bao and I decided that instead of birthday presents, we would spend the money on a trip. It was the end weekend of Bao's spring break, and we decided to meet each other in Boston. I honestly feel like we could meet anywhere and it would just be one of the most fun weekends ever.

Both my sisters were sleep deprived when they picked me up at 8am, and I give them much credit because as soon as I landed, our trip started. We were in Boston for a short 48 hours, but managed to pack in a lot of sight seeing and a lot more inside jokes. No wonder I always got in trouble for laughing too much while growing up. Its hard not to laugh when I'm with my sisters.

Here are some photos of our trip that really don't do it any justice. I had such a great time, ate some of the best food, and laughed harder than I've laughed in quite a while.

Boston greeted us with snow. Here I am with Chi 2 in front of the Boston Public Library:

We had lunch here. Oysters and cocktails (easy on the fruit salad, Chi Hai)

Thank goodness Chi Hai's iphone helped us get here...

Toni Braxton + dinner at Giacomos= BEST NIGHT EVER!!

The next morning we got some Dunkin Donuts coffee and Bagels to start our day.

Walking the freedom trail and loving it

Stopped for some chowda at Quincey Market

Awesome sushi at FuGakYu

I tried to choose photos that had more than one of us in there, and now it looks like all we did during our trip was eat. The funny part about that is, there are a lot of other things we ate that I didn't highlight in this blog post (cannolis, macarons, and the best breakfast ever at bambara). Take a look at Chi Hai's post for reveiws on all the things we saw and ate. And on that note, I leave with a question for Bao:

Did you LOOOOOOOVE this trip?!?!?!

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  1. Boston is one of my favorite cities even though I've only been there once. =)