sweet, sweet angel

about a week ago, i wrote a post about praying for baby layla grace and the marsh family. it was announced on their twitter page today that layla grace went to Heaven early this morning. i don't know layla or the marsh family, but their story has moved me in a way i am unable to describe.

i was driving back from an appointment when "i'll be missing you" was playing on the radio. for those who don't know, one of my closest friends passed away when we were 16 and i made it a vow to not change the radio station whenever that song was played, in his memory. and as the song played, i immediately felt compelled to check the marsh family twitter page to find that layla too has joined the other angels in Heaven.

for a whole week, i checked up on layla as if she were my family. i prayed with thousands of others for a miracle as much as i prayed for her peace. and i am as heartbroken as i am relieved to hear of her passing. this two year old girl has touched so many people in her short, precious life. i am sad for the marsh family but i am thankful to have been one of the many people touched by their sweet angel, layla grace.

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  1. I feel the same way. I checked the twitter page reliously and I just can't get over it. She was too young and I feel so bad for her family. She certainly has touched many lives. RIP sweet Layla Grace.