bring it

Nine days ago, I dipped my feet into a little workout routine known as P90X. I kept this mostly to myself, not knowing if it was something I wanted to or was able to commit to. And here we are, nine days later, and I am making my commitment to this fitness program public knowledge.

The inspiration to attempt P90X came from many places. The first being that I will soon be working from home, and therefore lose the convenience of having an on campus gym. The second is have workout buddies (who will remain anonymous until they too choose to publicize their P90X commitment) keeping me in check. I used to be a pretty shy gym-goer, really keeping to myself while working out, but I've recently found that having a gym buddy (or in this case, a workout buddy) pushes you to work harder and makes it a lot harder for you to be lazy or make excuses to skip a day... which turns into 2.. which turns into a week. You get the idea.

On that note, I'm putting down the laptop... and picking up my burger. haha just kidding... or am I?!

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  1. P90X is an intense but awesome workout. I'm actually looking forward to starting it back up slowly in a month. Just be careful though. Deejay, myself and my friend, Alicia all were doing it, and we all ended up pregnant! Haha!