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Its that time of year again. Tomorrow morning, before the roosters wake up, Eric will be leaving for his two week annual training with the Army. You would think that after having been separated for a year that two weeks would be a breeze, but it honestly doesn't get any easier. I've known for a while now that these two weeks would be coming up soon, but as I wished him a good night tonight, it was a lot harder than I expected. It then takes me to the moment when we did have to say our goodbyes before he deployed, and I can't help but think about all the soldiers who are currently overseas and their families.

I vividly remember the feelings of sitting in a football stadium full of families of soldiers getting ready to deploy, and sharing with them the feeling of being proud of our soldiers for their commitment and bravery, but also feeling equally scared, sad, and anxious. I wish I was better about remembering this feeling on a daily basis because everyday there is someone feeling what I felt at that time and what I would really like to do is offer them the comfort they seek and the appreciation they deserve.

Tonight, I ask two favors of you. First, I personally ask you each to take some time out of your day to thank a soldier. They sacrifice so much to protect the beauty that is America. Secondly, I ask that before you go to bed tonight, to please say a prayer for the safe return of our troops. 

On a lighter note, I have a bonus favor to ask. Please call me frequently in the next two weeks to keep me company and to make sure I'm not eating myself out of my misery. =)

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