gentlemen... start your engines!

Eric's 29th birthday was no different than any other of his birthdays that we've celebrated together. We spent Thursday on the road to Indiana to be with family and friends and thousands of our other closest loved ones attending the Indy 500. This was one of my favorite trips to Indiana. Andrea and Zack were back, the Dunns were in town and it was just a really pleasant visit. Most of my time was spent with the wives while we were on duty to pick up our inebriated husbands. haha I had a really great time and I'm sure Eric had yet another awesome birthday. 

This is how we found the boys after carb day:

The Dunns (with baby on the way!)

The Pfeiffers: Sorry Gina, the photo looked good on my tiny camera screen!

The Oberlys

A special thanks to the men and women in the armed forces for your service to this wonderful country. Thank you for keeping America the land of the free and the home of the brave. Happy Memorial day!

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