you'll look sweet, upon the seat...

...of a bicycle built for one! (not two, only because I haven't yet tricked Eric into getting us a tandem bicycle).

Well, the cheesy throwback of a childhood song is the introduction to my newest addiction. Last Saturday, Eric and I went out and he bought me a bicycle. While we were driving it home from Dick's Sporting Goods, I shared stories with him of how my dad used to take my sisters and I out to the park to ride our bikes as he read a newspaper. Bao and I would be crammed into the back seat of the Chevrolet Cavalier along with 2 bicycles (mine and Chi Hai's, since Bao's was so little it fit in the trunk!) I remembered feeling the excitement of going out to the park with my family and the reminiscing of these memories built up present day excitement.

Eric and I took bikes out for a spin. Eric had intentions of just showing me how to get on the bike trail by our house, but adrenaline kicked in and we ended up riding from our house to Mt. Vernon. The total round trip ended up being approximately 16 miles but I was having too much fun to notice. That is until an hour after I got home, and the soreness in my bum started coming through...

I took the bike out today by myself and the fun factor was no less than day one. I can't believe how much I am enjoying something as simple as a bicycle. I also love that its something athletic that I can do with Eric (since he pretty much kicks my butt at all things sporty). Hopefully this bike will get to see a lot of the DC metro area and be the source a lot of blog posts.

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