4th of July @ Galway

This year we spent July 4th with Eric's family up at his Grandpa's lake house in Galway, New York. I heard about Galway very early in our relationship, but never had the chance to go until now. The great things I've heard about it could not be more spot on. It is such a beautiful place, so peaceful and yet so full of things to do. The family introduced me to Quizo (which is Galway's version of Bingo), they took me to the candy shop (can't find prices better than that), and Andrea even walked me to the "Gingerbread house".

Grandpa's lake house itself is one of the most charming houses I've ever seen. Aside from all that, it was great to relax on the lake and spend such quality time with the family. It was awesome to have the majority of the family in town (but we missed those who couldn't make it!)

Here's the outside of the house:

but here's our temporary home for the weekend:

Even Indy got used to the tent. On the last night, she nosed it to let Eric know she was ready to sleep. This was quite the weekend for our little beagle. She even learned to swim:

It was fun to learn about and relive most of Eric's childhood Galway memories. I hope that this is something we will continue to do every year, but even more so than that, I hope this is a tradition that the family will share with the generations to come.

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