Brew @ the Zoo

Last Thursday, Eric and I joined some friends at an annual beer tasting event held at the National Zoo. Brew at the Zoo gathers a handful of beer vendors and a large amount of the local beer connoisseurs (read: young professionals who like to drink beer) together at the zoo to sample a variety of beer. It was an extremely hot day; thank goodness we had cold, refreshing beer to cool us down.

When you enter the zoo, you walk down to the pavilion where the event takes place. Every drinking participant gets a mug as a souvenir but also for beer! Notice the fill line at the bottom (and thank you hand model, Jamie Kucab):

Behind us is a small section of the many beer tents that were there. I was designated driver, so I'm holding a milkshake instead of a mug. Unfortunately this wasn't "Shake at the Zoo" and I did not get free refills:

There were also food vendors there, and when your hands were full of food, you had friends to help you wash it all down with a beer:

It was a fun and chill event, I know Eric enjoyed the beer and we both enjoyed the company. I wouldn't be surprised if we attended this event again next year... I'm still waiting on "Shake at the Zoo" though.

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