Prayers for Indy

Indy is back in the hospital under critical care due to seizures this morning. She seemed fine and wanted to leave with us, but we were advised to keep her there in case she should seizure again. I know there are a lot of people that are going through much more serious things, and it may seem silly to pray for a dog, but Indy is my life and I ask you to send a prayer or two her way.

This morning, just minutes after Eric left for work, I was heading upstairs to my home office, where Indy usually follows me and sleeps as I work. I heard a thump on her way up, and when she got up, she had her foot tight against her body as if she had injured her foot. So I picked her up and took her back downstairs, where she began shivering, a sight all too familiar to me (during her trauma last November). I got dressed quickly and before I could step out the door, Indy went into a seizure. I was able to get her into the car and to our home vet where they gave her shots to stabilize her. Eric met me at our vet, where Indy again went into another seizure, and our doctor advised us to take her to a nearby 24 hour emergency care hospital, where she is now. The whole ride there was scarily dejavu for us, but I feel better now that she is under constant watch. The whole frustrating part now is figuring out what caused the seizures and how to get rid of them. We're still waiting to hear from the doctors, as our baby is under their care.

I know a lot of people won't understand the love a person has for their pets. Frankly, I don't care about those people. I love my dog, she is my best friend, and I can tell you that no one can love you more unconditionally than your dog. I pray that Indy comes home to us safely, the same dorky, prissy dog she always was that I simply adore.

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