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I know a lot of people who are really into music and who are super proud of their collection of songs. I love my music too, but truth be told I'd be far too embarrassed to let anyone go through my ipod to see the randomness that is my itunes playlist. I am well aware that I like a lot of cheesy songs. But today, as Eric was away at drill, and I had the house to myself, I blasted my ipod and put it on shuffle as I was cleaning up around the house, and a series of songs came on, each that reminded me of a different time in my life, and I felt compelled to write about it.

"Water Runs Dry" by BoyzIIMen: Without a doubt, the II album started it all. My sisters and I owned the tape, and it was what was always playing in Chi Hai's powder blue 86 Corolla when she started driving. This album was what made 90s R&B my genre of choice!

"How You Gonna Act Like That" by Tyrese: Okay fine, this song doesn't really remind me of a time in my life as much as it is an inside joke between Bao and me.

"Watch What Happens" Stanley Turrentine: All instrumentals-- I know I downloaded this song because I remembered an accordion arrangement of it played at Martin Music Center, and loved it! So naturally, it made me think of my accordion days.

"Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day: I can tell you exactly how the music video goes, because I watched it several times a day every day when I had my job at Hot Topic Headquaters, where TVs featuring music videos were on all day.

"So Happy Together" by The Turtles: I know I downloaded this song when my family had this short-lived idea to start a family band... we were "Too Fickle for a Name", hence the name. I spontaneously bought a drum set, Bao was on bass, An was on guitar, Chi Hai was on keyboard, and we had the Nguyens as our singers. I can't help but smile when I think of this time.

"Move Your Feet" by Junior Senior: A GREAT song to run to! I know this because it was a constant on my playlist while I thought I was half-marathon training when Eric was in Iraq. (I "thought" I was, because I actually never did run it...)

Anyway, the reminders of all these memories made me smile this morning, so I thought I'd share the happy thought with all of you. That is one of the many reasons why I love music so much.

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