The burn-in on the screen of our plasma TV with the P90X logo reminded me to blog about my workout experience. Over 90 days ago, I made a public commitment to finish Tony Horton's 90 day workout. And no, I do not look like a body builder, but I'm happy to say I stuck to my workout commitment and it did do great things for my health and strength. So here are some of my thoughts on the program.

Sure, Tony Horton is somewhat obnoxious, and naturally you're not likely to like someone who tells you to do things that initially pains your body. But making a game out of the things he says and pushing myself to try my best and believe in the system was well worth it. Doing any physical activity an hour each day for 90 days will certainly make changes to your body, and this is a great way to do it. The program is based on "muscle confusion"-- just as your body is getting used to certain movements, the workout changes to focus on other movements. That said, there is a lot of variety in the workouts, and variety to me equals less boring. Out of the 13 disks, my favorite was the plyometrics disk, with Kenpo being a close second.

I was pretty good about this the first 60 days. Around the end of that time, I cheated on P90x with my new bicycle here and there, but overall I noticed the most change in my shoulders, arms, and legs. In fact, I'm getting ready to arm wrestle Eric. Okay, no I'm not, but I enjoyed it so much, I'm starting my second round of P90X. Now do you get the title of this blog post? P90X + P90X = P180X??... to my geeky friends, please don't give me a solution to that equation...

And on that note, free tickets to my gun show for all (and my buddy Jamie's):


  1. Can I get tickets to the gun show? ;) Just wanted to say congrats Van on sticking to the program! Mad props, and I should know, since I've tried a couple of the exercises and couldn't stick with it, haha.

    Here's to your next 90!

  2. Yay chi 3! Me and Jackie are on the p30X + hawaii + recover from hawaii + guest sleepovers + maybe another p30X but man we're so lazy plan.... I'll let you know how it goes!