For whatever reason, early this morning I had the strong urge to play my accordion. I guess I should start by saying, for those who don't already know, I studied the accordion from age 4-18. Music school played a huge and wonderful role in my adolescence. I loved playing the accordion and also formed some of my greatest friendships while in music lessons. I eventually stopped taking lessons when it was time to start college.

When I moved to Virginia, it was important to me to have my accordion with me. But the sad truth is, my accordion has only been out to breathe maybe three times. Which brings me to today. I can't really explain it, but I just really wanted to take her out for a spin. It is nothing like riding a bike! You can forget how to play, which can be so frustrating especially when I think back to how good I used to be. But while playing today, I saw glimmers of hope, little reminders that its still in me somewhere, and that was just enough to get me hooked. Hooked enough to practice for a solid four hours. And with that, I close with a picture of my arm with a bruise on it. For you volleyball players, you think you have it rough on the arms... try playing the accordion.

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  1. I saw your status and I was wondering what a squeezebox was. I'm not sure if I'm relieved or disappointed to found out what it really was.