Running Army Strong

This finisher coin means that I did it! I was able to cross the finish line of the Army 10-Miler, and I couldn't be happier about it! I figured I'd write about it now while I'm still on my post-run high, and not after I go to bed and wake up in pain and possibly feeling different about the experience.

Last night, I went to bed overwhelmed with anxieties that lasted up until they fired the cannon to start. A million thoughts went through my mind but as soon as I started my run, all those thoughts went away and I was completely focused on my pace. I'm not going to brag about my pace because honestly there isn't much to brag about! haha

It was a beautiful day for a race. It also helped that the course was amazing, passing by all of DC's monuments. The first 6 miles went pretty smoothly, and I somehow missed the 7 mile marker, which made that 6th mile seem like forever. After mile 8, I was starting to run out of juice, but at mile 9, a runner came up next to me and told me she liked my haircut... even after having run 9 miles. This amused me enough to give me that little boost I needed to sprint the last mile and accomplish my goal. Running the last quarter mile with all the spectators cheering you on is really something out of this world.

I am really proud of myself! If you asked me 4 weeks ago if I thought I could run 10 miles, I would probably laugh because the idea of it was so ridiculous. Thanks to Eric and Andrea and all my family and friends for being so supportive and encouraging and pep talking me when this felt like an impossible goal to achieve. Who knows, maybe there will be more posts about running after this one.

Here is a photo of Andrea and me once we found each other after the race:

Here's our awesome course map:

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