Double the Fun

Eric and I spent last weekend in California, to visit my family for the holidays. We got to babysit the kids one night as Chi Hai and Anh Hai enjoyed a night out at a fancy party. We took the kids to Pretend City after school, a place they'd been before and enjoy visiting.

Aidan not shy about his music, and Brooke probably upset that the other girl is wearing the princess dress:

Tee-time with Duong Ba:

Aidan was absolutely fascinated when he figured out how to make that thing spin with water:

 Brooke caring for the felt plants:

I wish I had taken more and better pictures, but we were too wrapped up enjoying this rare time that we got to spend with them. The kids are completely different from the last time we visited them (in September!) and I know it'll be the case the next time I see them. They are just more fun than anyone can imagine. I miss them so much and I am dying for my next visit to see them again. 

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