The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! This year, Eric's mom and sister came into town to celebrate with us. On Friday, we all went to the nursery to pick up a $10 Christmas tree and brought it home to decorate, while cookies that we later decided to call Grinch cookies (they're pistachio flavored and green) were baking in the oven.

Christmas morning, I got busy with preparing a turkey, some stuffing, sweet potatoes and cornbread casserole. I will purposely be omitting a picture of my finished meal, but in my defense, I think it tasted better than it looked...  After eating lunch and opening presents, we headed into DC to visit the US Botanical Garden, where they had various holiday exhibits.

And while we were out, we braved the cold and went to see the National Christmas tree. Here is a photo of the family in front of the Indiana tree, the National Tree, and the White House:

The next morning, Andrea took Mom and me to see "The Nutcracker" at the Warner theatre as our Christmas gift:

And that wrapped up our time together. The weekend went by way too fast, and most of the time was spent hanging out, relaxing, laughing and watching Christmas movies and musicals. It was awesome to have two of our favorite women in town for the holidays!

And now, a moment of gushing directed towards my husband. For Christmas, Eric presented me with a box and in it was a Washingtonian magazine and a card. In the card, he wrote some mushy things that of course I love, and explained that he subscribed me to the magazine to visit their recommended points-of-interest monthly. He explained that he had already picked the first month's location, and that I could find it on page 21. And lo and behold, on page 21, Eric taped a copy of flight tickets to California to celebrate my 30th birthday! He had been collaborating with my sisters to surprise me, and decided to give it to me for Christmas. So save the date, family and friends! I'll be in town the weekend of my birthday!

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