Sew Addicted

So when I started talking about possibly sewing a beachy wedding dress for SIL Erin, Chi Hai reminded me that sewing a dress really isn't that easy, especially one for a wedding. So, she suggested I practice. I had been promising Chi Hai an apron for over a year now and really have been neglecting my sewing machine lately, and so yesterday I got off my butt, headed to the fabric store and purchased an apron pattern. Instead of springing the money on fabric there, I decided that a rookie like myself should really save money (in case I screwed up) and so I headed to good ol' "Wally World" and bought $4 worth of fabric. I was somewhat pleased with my choices, given their limited selection. So I brought all this stuff home, laid it all out, unraveled the pattern and thought "what the heck did I get myself into?!"

Nonetheless, I decided to carry on, and see where this sewing journey would take me. After what seemed like hours of just cutting along the lines of the pattern and the fabric, it was finally time to put the petal to the metal and do some sewing!

My feelings of being overwhelmed quickly were overtaken by excitement when I was able to put together this cute little pocket for the apron:

This burst of excitement boosted my enthusiasm to put the majority of the apron together last night. My plan of attack was to save the rest for this weekend while Eric was away at drill, but I woke up this morning and jumped right on it, too excited to just let it sit unfinished.

The waistband and the ties were the most challenging part of this apron for me, and they're by no means perfect, but I just carried on, following the instructions the best I could. And after hours of sewing, pressing and cutting, here she is... the final result!

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