Baby's 1st Christmas

We flew my mom and dad into Virginia as a Christmas present (they think to them, when really I think it was a present to myself as well). For five days, Riley was completely smothered with kisses and I don't think she spent any time in her crib she was held so much. But you have to love grandparents for that! Riley wasn't the only spoiled one. My mom packed a suitcase full of food she prepared and froze to feed me and Eric. I think the last time we ate that well was when Anh Hai Mike was here. =P

Ba Ma and Riley with her first Christmas tree
On Christmas day, we bundled Riley up and went out to see the new National Christmas Tree. I was reluctant to do it at first, but boy am I glad we did. It made for a wonderful memory for Riley's first Christmas.
New baby and new National Christmas Tree
Ba Ma left on Tuesday, and we packed the car and headed to Indiana. I had been so excited about this trip, as we were finally getting to meet Ava and Katelyn as well.
Oberly siblings with their babies
Unfortunately, Riley wasn't happy about the travels. She was unusually fussy and had crying/screaming bouts that had me really worried, so we had to cut the trip short. Thankfully we will all be in Florida for Grandpa's 90th birthday, and I'm hoping she will do better then since she will be a little older.

This has been a magical Christmas getting to spend it with so many loved ones. Its amazing getting to experience things that we've experienced before but now with a baby. It's like living life all over again-- seeing things in a completely new light, and I am loving every bit of it. 


Smiley Riley

Middle of the night feedings are so much more enjoyable now that Riley smiles at me to wake me right up. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know she knows who I am and is happy to see me. Babies are just so amazing. She does something every day that just puts me in complete awe of her.

Here she is being cutesy and smiling at 2 months old:


Happy video

When I posted the video of Riley getting her 2 month shots, I felt uneasy, but I thought it was because I am Riley's mom. Chi Hai has brought it to my attention that the pinning of arms, shaking of head and screaming until she ran out of breath was uncomfortable for any one to watch. So to make up for it, I present you with this happy little clip that I can't seem to get enough of. Enjoy!!


Date Night

For the first time since Riley was born, Eric and I got to spend a night out on the town together, just the two of us. Thanks to our friend Jenna for watching Riley! Our date night consisted of a delicious dinner at Asia Nine, followed by watching "A Christmas Carol" at Ford's theater. The night went surprisingly smooth. Of course dinner conversation consisted of Riley, and showing each other photos we have of her on our phones. But we didn't call Jenna at all, and took advantage of our time together without the baby.

Us inside Ford's theater. Behind us you can see the
booth where Abraham Lincoln was shot.
As wonderful as the night was, we missed our baby girl and rushed home to get the low-down on how her night with Jenna went. I was so happy to hear Jenna tell us how easy Riley was, and how Riley talked to her and smiled at her when she was awake, and how she quickly went to sleep when she was put down. That little girl never fails to amaze me.

Thank you Jenna for making the night possible. We are so grateful to have a friend like you who cares about Riley as much as we do. And thank you Eric for taking me out. You still know how to make me laugh and smile like no one else does.

I am feeling so blessed.


a Riley update

Just a quick little update on Riley and her growth and development!

Riley now baby babbles quite a bit. She also smiles and laughs a lot at mommy, which makes her night time feedings so much more pleasant for me, since it wakes me right up. She is also sleeping in 5-6 hour stretchs at night.

Riley now follows toys with her eyes and her head. She loves her swing and she will fall asleep watching her mobile above her crib:

Riley is a total water baby. She loves bath time! And here is her head of curly hair after we wash it:


shots, shots, shots!

I wish this post were about taking shots (of liquor). But it really is about Riley getting immunization shots at her 2 month check up. In hindsight, I wish I would've taken shots (of liquor) before coming to this appointment. Poor Riley didn't take the shots very well. We left the doctor's thinking all went smooth, she cried for a little while but stopped after some snuggling with her daddy. But when we got home, and when she woke up from her nap, she continued to cry and scream non-stop for about two hours. Her little leg was so swollen and red. Any time we got her to relax, the slightest movement of her leg caused her to cry and scream some more. I finally went out and got some infant tylenol, which as far as I'm concerned is magic. She was settled within 5 minutes of taking the medicine.

And like any decent (read: cruel) parent, I took video of her shots. It stops at a dramatic point, because I couldn't take the screaming anymore. Watch at your own risk:

At 2 months, Riley weighs 10lbs, 15oz. She is 22 inches tall, and her head circumference is 15.5 inches.


Cradle Cap

Baby cradles and caps are so cute. Put them together and you get "cradle cap"... not so cute. Riley developed some really dry and flakey skin across her eyebrows and her forehead. We took her to the doctor yesterday to confirm that we were definitely dealing with cradle cap

If you can look past her beautiful
eyes, you can see the dry patches
of skin across her forehead
Luckily it doesn't at all bother her (and only bothers mommy). The doctor suggested that we rub her skin with a soft toothbrush when bathing her to remove the dry flakes. In more fun news, we did come to find that at 6 weeks my not-so-little baby now weighs 9.5 lbs! Go Riley!

Besides gaining significant weight, she's also starting to figure out her voice. Here's a brief clip of Riley making some cute baby noises. I'm hoping soon we'll have a clip that is much more full of baby babbles:


Change Clothes and Go

At 5 weeks old, Riley is growing out of her newborn clothes. My big girl put on her first 3 month outfit today. And although I am thrilled by her healthy growth and the benefits of her being older (read: more sleep for all), I cannot get over how fast she is growing up. Family and friends weren't kidding when they said to enjoy every minute because it goes by faster than you realize.

One of the last newborn onesies
No apple bottom jeans,
but boots with the fur
3 mo outfit from cousins
Aidan and Brooke
with a cameo kiss from Indy
We are really starting to get into our groove, I'm starting to truly understand her cues, which makes for a much happier Riley (and thus a much happier Van!). Her eyes are following toys that we put in front of her, and she's accidently smiled at me a few times now while awake. I cannot wait for those smiles to be in response to something I say/do. 


1 Month Young

Today marks exactly one month since the birth of my beautiful baby girl. It is amazing how fast she is growing. While holding her yesterday, for the first time I noticed that she is actually starting to feel a little bit heavy. She has the most inquisitive eyes that now follow my face and the sound of my voice. It makes my heart melt to see her tiny fingers wrapped around my one finger. She makes this sweet little sound after she sneezes that just makes me laugh every time. She is just wonderful.

This past month has been the longest and yet the fastest month of my life. Motherhood has been an extremely challenging and humbling experience for me, but one that has been even more rewarding. In one month, everything I thought I knew about life and love went out the window, only to be built back up into a whole different perspective. I am learning so much about her but equally as much about myself. We're still a little unsure and not exactly 100% confident of what we're doing here, but what I love is that we're learning and doing it together. Me and my girl. 

I love my Riley. Happy one month, baby!


Tiny Milestones

Its been about two weeks since Riley's birth, and we are loving parenthood. The days following Riley's birth, she dropped some weight (as to be expected with newborn babies) and I am so happy to say that at her doctor's appointment on Wednesday, Riley weighed in at 6 lbs 8 oz, gaining back all her weight and then some. I've been trying to sleep whenever Riley sleeps, hoping not to fall behind and become a zombie, and so far its been working out great. Today her umbilical cord fell off, which was strangely exciting to us, haha. I can't wait until I can one day blog about things like her rolling over, her first steps, but for now, these little victories are more than enough to make me happy.

Riley got her first sponge bath- she hated it at first, but
was so relaxed when we were finished.
She is becoming much more alert. I
never saw her with eyes open until recently.
Prior to that, she'd cry before I could see her.
She is getting so good at sleeping
for longer amounts of time. We made it
to 4 hours last night!
She even picked up an extra chin. =)
Sure, we are tired and sleep deprived, but I can honestly say that I love being a mom. These first few weeks have been beyond anything I ever imagined. She is already growing up too fast right before our very eyes. I am already all paranoid about missing a single moment with her.

This is true love at its finest.


A Baby Story

Not just any baby story... my baby's story! Riley Hong Oberly was born on October 3, 2011 at 5:13 am, weighing 6 lbs 2 oz and coming in at 18.5 inches long. She could not be more perfect.

On Sunday, October 2, around 5:30 pm, I felt something that I suspected might be leakage of amniotic fluid. I wasn't really sure if this was the case, or if I was just making up something (which was very common for me during this entire pregnancy). I decided to wait it out an hour, and then I told Eric of my suspicions. I told him if I felt it again, I would call the doctor in 10 mins, and sure enough was forced to make the call. The doctor told us to come in and get it checked out.

We got to the hospital around 7 and got checked into the triage. The nurse tested performed a swab test to check if my water had indeed broke, and sure enough the results came back positive and we were checked into hospital room 2002 at 8:30. The nurse came in and told us the game plan was for us to get some rest, as labor could be starting early the next morning and we'd need our energy. That would not be the case-- my body and my baby had other plans.

At around 1am, the doctor came in to check my labor progress and found me to be dilated only 3cm. At that point, she offered to induce the labor to move things along, but Eric and I decided we did not want to go that route. No more than half an hour later, my contractions were unbearably strong. The nurses came in multiple times, adjusting the contraction and baby heartbeat monitors. We came to find out that they were not happy with the baby's heart beat response to the contractions. At 4am, the doctor came back and told us of these findings, and said that she thought the best course of action was to proceed to a cesarean section.

I got wheeled into surgery as Eric scrubbed up. The surgery prep began at 4:48am. I was given a spinal tap, and slowly could no longer feel the lower half of my body. The incision was made at 5:07, and at 5:13am, our lives completely changed with the beautiful sound of a baby crying. I immediately broke into tears, followed by a delirious "is she a girl???" to which Eric laughed and said yes.

We were moved to our post partum recovery room (3005) at around 8am, and an hour later, Riley was wheeled into our room. We spent Monday morning too happy and excited to realize how exhausted we were. Riley was born, and all was right in our lives. We couldn't care about anything else.

And here we are, just about 1 week later, still all trying to get to know each other and figure things out. Our moms spent some time with us, helping immensely. I always loved my mom, but having just become a mom myself, my appreciation and love for her has grown to no bounds. Eric has been a rockstar of a husband-- doing just about everything while I am so limited as I recover from the surgery. Riley has been nothing short of amazing. I really don't have the words to describe the pure joy that she brings to my heart. We really could not be any happier. We are so thankful and so blessed.

Here are some photos of our first week with our beautiful daughter, Riley Hong Oberly.


Cotton Anniversary

Last night, Eric and I celebrated our second year of marriage. This celebration could not have been more opposite than last year's, but it was just as sweet. We decided to raincheck a nice dinner out, seeing as I'm 9 months pregnant and rotating the same 4 bummy outfits over and over again. So the plan was to stay in and cook dinner together. One of the first times Eric cooked for me, he made a peirogi casserole (and cut little hearts out of the pepperonis... I'm into things like that.) We also had always talked about making the famous Oberly family peirogies, a recipe passed down to us from Eric's Grandma. So, that is just what we did.

Eric made the filling as I made the dough.
Eric rolled it out and assembled these

This is the final product after 3 hours
of prepping and cooking! Delicious!

Hubby came home from work with these
beautiful flowers for me.

Our spread of presents on the table. 
When it came to cotton gifts, Eric and I somehow had the same idea. On one of our first dates, we went to a concert and Eric bought me this giant tub of cotton candy. So with some tshirts I gave him a tub of cotton candy. He took it one step further and got me a cotton candy machine with several flavors, with the thought that we could also use it when my niece and nephew come into town to visit their new cousin (get Aidan and Brooke ready for a sugar high, Chi Hai!).

I cannot believe another year has flown by. I feel so blessed and am so thankful to have a husband who continues to love me and care for me more and more each day. To this day, he still manages to make my heart skip a beat by just smiling at me. We have accomplished so much together, and there is absolutely no one else in this world I would rather tackle parenthood with. I love you, Eric Oberly. Here's to a lifetime's worth of love and laughter!


Double the fun?

No, just double the chins apparently...

Today, I decided that Indy and I needed to get some exercise so we went on a nice long walk. At the end of our walk, two sweet girls came by on their bicycles and kindly asked me if they could pet Indy. While petting Indy, one girl asked me if I was pregnant, to which I said yes. The other looked and me and followed with "are you having twins???"...

Luckily, I am far enough in this pregnancy to not take that so personally. We now have less than 13 days to go until Riley's due date... can you believe that? Counting days! The car seat is now in the Rav4, all the baby clothes and toys are washed, we are literally playing the waiting game now, and I am totally losing. I am uncomfortable pretty much every day, my patience level is wearing so thin and the slightest spasm plays mind games with me, wondering if this is it! I know life after baby will be just as tiresome if not more, but I really just can't wait to experience the pure joy that comes with it.


Nesting and Nursery

We have hit 37 weeks today, and the baby is officially considered full term! I cannot believe we are only 3 weeks away from due date. As it rapidly approaches, I feel excited, anxious, and nervous but above all I am so happy and I simply cannot wait to meet our princess.

Nesting has officially taken over the Oberly household, and it doesn't limit itself to just me. Eric has been doing so much work around the house. He painted the nursery, put up chair rail, built the furniture and hired someone to put up wallpaper and with the exception of some furniture that we're waiting to be delivered, the nursery is complete!

The colors in the photo do not do the room any justice!
It is so soft and adorable-- my favorite room in the house!

Where we will be changing so many diapers.
Volunteers welcome!

And now, we just wait! The hospital bags are packed and ready to go, and we just have to twiddle our fingers and wait for Riley to decide to make her appearance. Not even born yet, and she's already got us wrapped around her tiny little finger!


Childbirth 101

No worries, I will not be explaining the birds and the bees in this blogpost. This past week, Eric and I attended a Childbirth class at INOVA Alexandria, the hospital where Miss Riley will be born. It was 2 nights this past week, 3 hours each night and had about 6 couples, all first time parents. We got overviews of what to expect, learned some breathing and relaxation techniques, saw a few videos that changed Eric's life, and just got an overall crash course on labor and delivery.

Just another milestone down that reminds me how much closer were are to due date!


Earthquakes and Hurricanes

Sounds like the title of my new rap album? Actually, just a summary of this week's events. The East Coast was surprised by a 5.9 earthquake on August 23. You would think that having been born and raised in California would've made this a cruiser for me, but that was not at all the case. I work from home on the 4th floor loft of my townhouse, and often can feel vibrations from heavy trucks passing by. Upon first rumble, I thought that was what I was experiencing, but it didn't stop and continued to get louder and it took my brain a while to process that what was indeed happening was an earthquake. At that point, a million thoughts went through my mind. I'd like to thank all my elementary school drills for having those thoughts include "get under a table or under a doorway" but other thoughts that interfered included "these houses aren't built for this" and "be careful, you're pregnant!"I made the choice to hold on to the stair rail and slowly make it down one flight of stairs to get under a doorway. At that point, I got super dramatic and yelled for Indy, who was 2 floors down. She crawled up, low to the ground, I grabbed her collar and her and I were such a pitiful sight while waiting for the earthquake to end. In hindsight, it really wasn't too bad, but at the moment, I was beyond freaked out.

Then yesterday and last night, the East Coast had to brace ourselves again for the arrival of hurricane Irene. The roughest part of the hurricane hit our area probably between midnight and 2am, while yours truly was sleeping. I am very thankful that we were not badly affected by the hurricane, and I pray for those who were affected by either of these natural disasters.

Today marks week 34 of our pregnancy. One major milestone of my life was exchanging vows and rings with Eric on September 27, 2009. Well today, I had to take off those rings-- my fingers are completely swollen. Besides that, I continue to struggle with sleeping, sitting down and standing up without grunting, and putting shoes on with this giant belly. The good news is, that usually is a sign that baby girl is healthy and growing, and she is always the bright and wonderful light at the end of this tunnel.


32 weeks down, 8 to go!

Had a little minor scare this morning which sent me to get an utlrasound, but the great news is that little Riley is healthy and seems to be growing according to schedule. And out of it we got pictures of our beautiful little girl:

Can you believe what great images ultrasounds can produce??
I am so in love with this sweet little face!

Her profile at 32 weeks

If I was at all skeptical about love at first sight, I am a total believer now. I am so in love with her already!

I'd also like to take some time and blog space to gush about my husband. He's been so loving and supportive through this entire process, even when my hormones get out of control and I yell and/or cry for no reason. I was having a little bit of a hard time last week (and I feel like a weenie saying that, because honestly I cannot imagine pregnancy being any easier than what I've been fortunate enough to have experienced) and Eric surprised me with some flowers:

I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful (and growing) family. Each passing day makes this little growing miracle more and more real, and I get more and more excited! We're in the home stretch now-- got our hospital tour tomorrow, birthing classes at the end of the month, and before you know it, I won't have time to blog because I'll be feeding and changing diapers! Simply amazing.


We're having a baby...

... my baby and me!

I'm sure I'm not the only one to notice that Google has designed their logo in celebration of Lucille Ball's 100th birthday today. On it is a TV icon that actually plays clips of "I Love Lucy" episodes, and the channel 3 clip totally got me all giddy.

I very much remember every detail of this episode, and seeing it today just made my heart go pitter patter:

This really is a pointless blog post, but I just cannot help my excitement! I often come across random things in my day that just remind me how blessed we are with this little miracle on the way, and I feel the need to share it with the world!


Oberly Sappy

Even before getting pregnant, I've been known to be a giant sap. But with the surge of hormones brought on by pregnancy, its gotten to a whole new level. While driving yesterday, Carrie Underwood's "All-American Girl" came on the radio, and it totally brought tears to my eyes.

Here are the lyrics that totally got to me:
Since the day they got married
He'd been praying for a little baby boy
Someone he could take fishing
Throw the football and be his pride and joy
He could already see him holding that trophy
Taking his team to state
But when the nurse came in with a little pink blanket
All those big dreams changed

And, now, he's wrapped around her finger
She's the center of his whole world
And his heart belongs to that sweet, little, beautiful, 
wonderful, perfect All American girl

We are wrapping up the 29th week of pregnancy, and got 10 weeks until Riley's due date. Pregnancy is starting to get really uncomfortable, and Virginia's heat wave isn't really helping much, but as smooth as this pregnancy has been I really cannot complain too much. I am getting really anxious to meet our little girl. I cannot wait to rock her to sleep and sing to her all these songs that already make me think of her!


What's in a name?

... a baby by any other name would smell just as sweet! We haven't exactly kept our baby's name a secret, but I figured I might as well make it blog official. Our little girl will be named Riley Hong Oberly.

It was hard for Eric and I to agree on names, but we both agreed that we wanted our children to have somewhat unique names, but nothing too eccentric. Eric's hometown celebrates a children's poet named James Whitcomb Riley. Eric also vaguely remembered a conversation with someone about their niece named Riley, and had since always thought the name was cute for a girl. Upon mentioning that, I agreed, and we decided no discussion needed to further be had-- we had agreed and we're sticking to it... so Riley it is!

Hong is my middle name as well as that of some of my favorite women-- my mom, sisters, and my niece Brooke. I found it an honor to carry on the tradition of the women in my family and also thought it'd be neat to pass down to Riley some of her Vietnamese heritage in her name.

The name Riley is of Irish and Gaelic origin and means "courageous." Hong is Vietnamese for "rose." So there you have it-- our little courageous rose girl.

Never before have I been so eager to put a face to a name!



Eric and I just returned from about a week-long visit in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It was so relaxing-- exactly what we needed! The flight tickets were inexpensive, Grandpa Nial let us use his condo, and Eric's Dad let us use his car... cheap trip plus R&R, can't ask for much more!

Every morning, we walked out to the beach, got some sun, walked around Lauderdale by the Sea for some lunch, and headed back to the condo to cool down. Once we were back to a comfortable temperature (it is super hot in Florida!), we walked downstairs to the pool at Mayberry Mansions, the condo that Grandpa Nial let us stay at. The residence was so lovely and peaceful-- we absolutely loved staying there!

Eric enjoying the beach

Please disregard our beach hair

Our home for the week

After pool time, we took a daily nap, and come evening we'd either venture out to a local restaurant or meet up with Eric's Dad and his friends for some fabulous dining. We were well fed in Florida!

And on the final night, as we were shutting down the condo, we both looked at each other and agreed that we weren't quite ready for the vacation to be over. Usually when we're on vacation for that long, we're both ready to be home by the last day, so that tells you how much we enjoyed this last hurrah before the baby's arrival. It was a fun little vacation, one that we will always remember since the next vacation we take will be significantly different, but in the most awesome way possible.


CA Baby Shower

Within the span of 2 years, my siblings have managed to throw me the best bachelorette party, a chic surprise bridal shower, an amazing surprise 30th birthday, and just when I thought it couldn't possibly get better, they outdo themslves by putting together a breathtaking baby shower for our little girl.

I cannot express in words how much time and energy (and money) it took to put together this baby shower-- but what was so touching about it was how happy my entire family was to do it. We stayed up until 3am the night before, doing crafts, cooking, last minute details, and everyone was all smiles and energy. The following day, as we were tying up odds and ends before the arrival of the guests, my family let me take some time to get ready, and as I was doing my hair, I could hear the sound of my mom, Aidan and Brooke just laughing and then the rest of the family following in laughter and it just brought a smile to my face. You can't find this sort of love anywhere else.

beautiful setup in my parents back yard

drinks table with the diaper cake K2 made

cake pops, gourmet marshmallows and chocolates

French macarons <3

Sprinkles cupcakes and fruit tarts

food, glorious food!

classy hor dourves

mini sandwiches

cheese and crackers
There were so many details of the party that I didn't take pictures of that took a lot of time and effort. The banner, the games, the favors were all handmade. All the food was prepared by my siblings, the decorations were put up my the family-- it was simply amazing, for lack of a better word. I try to never take for granted how awesome my family is, but they sure know how to remind me time and time again. I am so thankful for a loving family, and I am thankful my baby girl will be born with that same fortune.

And thank you to all who attended and completely spoiled us with gifts and words of advice, support and encouragement. I am so touched by it all. I can't wait to introduce our daughter to each and every one of you! 

Cousin Time

Anyone who knows me knows that my cousins are like siblings to me. I love them very much, and I am so happy I got to spend time with them while I was in town. On Thursday, we met at Shik Do Rak and did some serious damage at an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurant. If you know the Ngo family cousins, you know that we excel in the sport of eating-- and if it isn't considered a sport, we make it one. You snooze, you leave hungry!

Linda & An
In typical Ngo cousin fashion, we ate and laughed all night-- and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you for making time to see me while I was in town, cousins. Love you!

Next Generation

I'm really beyond excited to enter the journey into parenthood, but one thing I have already gotten to experience and enjoy is being an Aunt. There are few things that can make me as happy as spending time with my nieces and nephews, and I got to do just that on my most recent California visit. I cannot stress enough how fast the kids grow up-- I am actually having conversations with Aidan and Brooke now, and it is nothing shy of amazing.

I landed at LAX around noon, and Bao and I hung out until 3 and picked up the kiddos to do some spoiling. We took them to Build-A-Bear at Downtown Disney. It was so fun seeing them actually having opinions on the animals that they wanted and liked.

This was Aidan's original choice...
He eventually changed his mind.
Hello Kitty comes in pink!
Life could not be better for Brooke
(until the Belle princess dress became an option)
The kids cleaning their new furry friends.
It was really fun watching them figure out the whole process and totally enjoying it. We walked out of Downtown Disney, and our princess, Brooke, couldn't resist completing her royal status with princess makeup. 

Doing whatever it takes to become a princess.

Somebody changed his mind about face painting
when he saw a stranger applying it to his sister.
We then headed to Mom and Dad's house to wait for Chi Hai and have our traditional family dinner at Big Mama's. We used to do this every week when I was still living in California, and it was nice to bring back an old tradition (and getting to eat some home cooking wasn't too shabby either!). 

"YY" is so much fun!
I was beyond happy that the kids totally remembered me and embraced me right away. I spent every following day with them for the rest of my Cali visit, and each time I have to leave it gets harder and harder. These are two of the most charming and lovable toddlers ever, and I really am not just saying that because I'm their Aunt. They are just super fun and sweet, you're doing a wonderful job with them, Anh Chi Hai. Love you all!


Parents' Reaction

I totally forgot about this! I wanted to blog about this for a long time, but this happened before news of our pregnancy became completely public, and I just remembered it now.

I wanted to tell my parents that I was pregnant in a fun way, but it is hard to do while being separated by 3,000 miles. I recruited the help of Chi Hai and technology, and the result couldn't have been much better.

The following video is mostly in Vietnamese (and my broken-Vietnamese) but the reactions are great nonetheless. Me and Chi Hai are explaining to my parents that I gave them a webcam too, just like the one Chi Hai has that we are using to Skype with. I continue to tell them that I specifically bought it for them so that they'll be able to talk to me and all their grandchildren, and thats when I flash the ultrasound photo. See their reaction here:

Shout out to the videographer with the cute laugh!


DC Baby Party

The entire Kane family, along with the help of some of my gal pals in the DC area, got together to throw Eric and me a barbecue to celebrate our baby girl. It was beautiful afternoon filled with great people and delicious food.

Mr. Kane was kind enough to open up his home to us for the party location. He seriously has one of the most beautiful back yards we'd ever seen. Here's the family dog, Boscoe, enjoying the yard:

Friends that came out to celebrate, eat delicious food, and enjoy a beautiful Virginia day:

I took this photo before all the food was out-- there was so much food at this party! The baby was very happy about that! And please note the duck-- it was a project that Henley made in middle school.

It was a lot of fun, it felt wonderful to be around friends who are so genuinely excited to welcome our baby girl. You can view the rest of the photos here. Thank SO MUCH to you all who helped make it possible! 


Just kickin' it

I've been feeling little kicks from our baby for a few weeks now, but recently they've gotten stronger and more frequent. I haven't been able to to time it so that Eric would be able to feel the kicks too, until Sunday night. We were laying in bed and getting ready to sleep when I could feel a lot of baby activity going on in my belly, so while we were talking, I told Eric to just keep his hand on my belly. And sure enough, our little girl came through and wished her daddy a happy birthday with a little kick. Eric chuckled, and asked me "how do you sleep with that going on?!" haha, it was a very sweet moment... one of our first little family memories that I will never forget.


Ba Ma visit DC

A pregnant girl, a woman in sequins, and her turtleneck wearing husband enter a bar... the start of a joke? No... actually, its one of the highlights of my weekend. My parents arrived in VA late Thursday night, and I had a wonderful time with them while they were in town.

They didn't land until 11pm Thursday night, and by the time we got back to our house, it was really late, but not late enough for my dad to turn down a glass of cognac and shrimp chips. We stayed up and just talked and laughed until everyone got too tired. The next day, we met my dad's friend, Bac Dan, out in Eden Center for lunch and spent the majority of the afternoon relaxing and watching old episodes of "Family Feud". Now anyone that knows my family knows that my parents are quite the dancers. They go dancing every weekend, and one of their musician friends recommended a dance lounge for them to check out in the DC area. So we while getting ready to go out that night, my dad somehow mistakens shaving cream for hair mousse (this is after he shaved with the protective cap still on his razor). After all that chaos, we head out to V3, expecting the typical lounge targeted towards the older Asian crowd, but instead were greeted with the loud sounds of Usher's "OMG" and a dark room with green and red laser lights. Obviously, this was not at all what we were expecting, so needless to say, we left. But, my go-with-the-flow parents just came up with a plan b. We stopped by this little market nearby, bought some snack foods, came back and just relaxed, and the night couldn't have been more perfect.

At the train station with Dad
and of course, a photo with mom!

I woke up this morning and made my parents breakfast before taking them to the train station to continue their east coast trip. And as I watched them get on the train, I felt my eyes well up with tears. I then realized that I really missed my parents, and was going to miss them now that they're leaving. We didn't do anything particularly special, but it was so nice and comforting to have them around. I don't know if its the years I've spent living here without them, or the fact that I'm on the journey towards parenthood myself, but today I realized that the reason my parents drive me crazy at times was really because they love me like crazy all the times. I have this renewed appreciation for my parents, and I hope I never forget this feeling. If my daughter can one day feel about me what I feel for my parents, I will be so happy with that!