Sew good from afar

... but far from good. So if you follow my blog, you will recall that I agreed to sew a dress for my sister-in-law for her beachy Hawaii wedding. Our conversation took place over Thanksgiving, when Erin was talking about her wedding dress and said that all she wanted to wear was a white kimono dress. Naturally I responded with "I can TOTALLY make you one!!" and I was totally wrong, as you will soon see.

I gained some confidence with yesterday's sewing success, and decided to dive right into this project. I picked up some shiny white material, and checked the layouts of my pattern at least 8 times before scissors touched any of the fabric. All was going pretty smoothly, and I got so into it, I actually finished her in one afternoon.

I had some serious issues with the skirt bunching in the wrong areas, and Heidi Klum and Michael Kors would've definitely auf wiedersehen'd me for the awful hem job I did... but nonetheless, this dress was sewn with love, and I actually tried very hard to make it turn out as good as possible. I'm hoping practice will eventually make perfect for me and sewing.

My favorite part of the dress was the part that didn't require any sewing. I added little crystal beads to the tie in the back, just to add some wedding flare to a pretty simple dress. 

I don't expect Erin to wear this at her wedding, in fact I'm hoping that she won't because she deserves to wear something much more beautiful and not home-made by me. I'm sure you'll look great in what you do decide to wear Erin... um, unless you decide to wear this dress, haha ;) 

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  1. Van! Don't sell yourself short girl! That looks great! If the bunching is what is getting you, have Erin get a hawaii-colored silk sash and tie it around the middle! I think it looks great! I'd love to at least see her in it! -Andrea :)