Oberly Faithful

Last week at church, our pastor challenged us to tell one person why we believe in God. I have decided to step up to the challenge in a very passive and yet very scarily public approach and blog about it. I get this strong feeling of vulnerability when I decide to talk about my faith. I'm positive a lot of it has to do with how new it is to me, but each time I do talk about it, I always leave the conversation feeling a lot better and never regretting the decision to do so.

You will recall a night in November of 2009 when Indy went into seizures and her heart stopped 3-4 times on our way to the hospital. That night was probably one of the most horrific nights of my life. Not [only] because I'm a crazy dog lady who loves her dog way too much, but just seeing any living creature hanging on to dear life that way is a little bit traumatizing. I always talk about what a horrible night that was, but if it had to happen, it happened in the best way possible. The slightest little change of detail that night would have resulted in a very different and very sad outcome. That night, I stopped believing in coincidences, and started believing in miracles.  That night, and the preceding nights, I prayed for her life as if my life depended on it and Indy is enough living proof to me that prayer works.

That following Sunday, we went to church with Eric's mom. The service was nice, it was kind of the kickoff to the holidays, and so the pastor thought he'd do this fun little game where everyone stood up, and on a projection screen was "Merry Christmas" written in a language with 4 multiple choice options and you had to pick one, and if you got it wrong you had to sit down. There were maybe 10 slides, and by the 9th slide, yours truly was still standing. Lo and behold, the 10th and final slide was "chúc mừng giáng sinh", "Merry Christmas" in Vietnamese. Now, some people might see this as a coincidence, but by that time, I knew better. Of all the Sundays in a year, of all the languages possible, of all the times I am not in Greenfield, IN, the first time I decided to go to church w/ Eric's family... it is too much to just be a simple coincidence. 

My experiences that weekend lead me to look back on my life, on times when my faith was tested and I failed to commit. There were many times in my past when I just prayed, hoping someone would listen. And that weekend, for me, was confirmation that someone indeed was listening and answering my prayers.
"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." -Philippians 4:6
For personal reasons, this has been a prayer heavy week for me. And with every prayer, I get a sense of peace and satisfaction-- simply because I trust in God.


  1. Oh, Van...this post touched me :). Thank goodness for prayers and an eternal God to pray to :).

  2. I love this post! I'm so glad you found a strong faith in our Lord. He is the best!
    xoxo, Spud

  3. This is incredible! And I'm only finding out now? That's what I get for sticking to my new years resolution: "stop stalking Van."

  4. Thanks guys! That really was a day that changed my life.

    Mike- Its not stalking if you admit to it. So, read away! =)