How Sweet It Is

I am 16 weeks and 2 days into this pregnancy, and the second trimester has been a dream so far (knock on wood). I have a lot more energy, I'm sleeping without any pee breaks, and I just overall feel awesome!

The day that Eric and I found out we were pregnant, we had just gotten back from our California/Colorado trip, after having just celebrated my 30th birthday. I was unpacking, as Eric was tidying things up downstairs, when I saw a home pregnancy test that I had left in my suitcase. I had previously read that you are to store those tests at a certain temperature, and thinking that the belly of the plane is too cold for the test, I figured it wouldn't be any good, so I decided to take it. And that was when it happened:

My immediate reaction was "OH MY GOSH!"and hearing me rustle around made Eric think that something horrible had happened, and he yelled "WHAT'S WRONG???" So I ran downstairs, with the test in hand, and in an overly excited, and embarrassingly giggly voice said "I think we're pregnant!" I then explained to him that I wasn't sure that the test was any good though, to which he responded "Well, go get more!!"

So I hopped into my car, and I remember while driving, the chorus to Tim McGraw's "Felt Good On My Lips" playing. Now this song has absolutely nothing to do with pregnancy, but the chorus includes a line that says "whoaaa, how sweet it is" and I vividly remember my body filling up with complete happiness and just smiling at the sound of that, thinking indeed how sweet this really was.  And since that very moment, any time that song plays on the radio, I am taken back to that wonderful day and I cannot help but smile. I love how music has that ability to bring you back in time!

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