where did March go?

Wowee, I just noticed there are no posts in March! Unfortunately, it is because I didn't do much in March. This will be a boring post. You could probably stop reading now.

Indy had a pretty bad seizure on Sunday. Eric and I had to take her to the emergency vet, where she stayed overnight. We met with a neurologist the next morning who took a look at her blood work and ran some neurological tests to determine that she does indeed have idiopathic epilepsy. The seizure scared us enough to start her on zonisamide (anticonvulsant medicine). So far she's responding well to the medicine-- I'm very pleased it hasn't had any effect on her personality. She's still the same, lovable, goofy beagle.

Winter is slowly melting away, and Spring is teasing us here and there with good weathered days. I could not be more happy about this. Bring on the sunshine!

April will be a fun month. Hopefully I'll have more things to write about with some fun events we have coming up.

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