Just kickin' it

I've been feeling little kicks from our baby for a few weeks now, but recently they've gotten stronger and more frequent. I haven't been able to to time it so that Eric would be able to feel the kicks too, until Sunday night. We were laying in bed and getting ready to sleep when I could feel a lot of baby activity going on in my belly, so while we were talking, I told Eric to just keep his hand on my belly. And sure enough, our little girl came through and wished her daddy a happy birthday with a little kick. Eric chuckled, and asked me "how do you sleep with that going on?!" haha, it was a very sweet moment... one of our first little family memories that I will never forget.


Ba Ma visit DC

A pregnant girl, a woman in sequins, and her turtleneck wearing husband enter a bar... the start of a joke? No... actually, its one of the highlights of my weekend. My parents arrived in VA late Thursday night, and I had a wonderful time with them while they were in town.

They didn't land until 11pm Thursday night, and by the time we got back to our house, it was really late, but not late enough for my dad to turn down a glass of cognac and shrimp chips. We stayed up and just talked and laughed until everyone got too tired. The next day, we met my dad's friend, Bac Dan, out in Eden Center for lunch and spent the majority of the afternoon relaxing and watching old episodes of "Family Feud". Now anyone that knows my family knows that my parents are quite the dancers. They go dancing every weekend, and one of their musician friends recommended a dance lounge for them to check out in the DC area. So we while getting ready to go out that night, my dad somehow mistakens shaving cream for hair mousse (this is after he shaved with the protective cap still on his razor). After all that chaos, we head out to V3, expecting the typical lounge targeted towards the older Asian crowd, but instead were greeted with the loud sounds of Usher's "OMG" and a dark room with green and red laser lights. Obviously, this was not at all what we were expecting, so needless to say, we left. But, my go-with-the-flow parents just came up with a plan b. We stopped by this little market nearby, bought some snack foods, came back and just relaxed, and the night couldn't have been more perfect.

At the train station with Dad
and of course, a photo with mom!

I woke up this morning and made my parents breakfast before taking them to the train station to continue their east coast trip. And as I watched them get on the train, I felt my eyes well up with tears. I then realized that I really missed my parents, and was going to miss them now that they're leaving. We didn't do anything particularly special, but it was so nice and comforting to have them around. I don't know if its the years I've spent living here without them, or the fact that I'm on the journey towards parenthood myself, but today I realized that the reason my parents drive me crazy at times was really because they love me like crazy all the times. I have this renewed appreciation for my parents, and I hope I never forget this feeling. If my daughter can one day feel about me what I feel for my parents, I will be so happy with that!


It's a GIRL!

I had my sonography appointment for an 18 week anatomy scan for the baby today. Although the baby wasn't very cooperative for some images that needed to be taken, she was ever-so-kind to reveal that she was indeed a "she!" We are being blessed with a sweet baby girl!

Here she is rolled up into a tiny little ball
Here's her little profile- you can see her hand behind her head

For lack of a better word, seeing our baby again was amazing, and finding out that she's a girl just made this pregnancy so much more real, and yet still so unbelievable. I really need to work on my mother's intuition though. I seriously was convinced that I was carrying a boy this entire time. Hopefully that will kick in in the next few months.


Baby, is that you?

I had another prenatal appointment yesterday. We are 17 weeks 4 days into this pregnancy, and already up 12 lbs! The baby's heart was beating at 155 bpm and sounding good and strong! I had some blood drawn and was sent on my merry little way. The doctor also arranged for an ultrasound for an anatomy scan of the baby for this coming Monday, and I am hoping a particular "part", if you will, within the anatomy scan will reveal if the baby is a boy or girl!

On Tuesday, May 3, while I was sitting behind my computer chatting working, I was convinced that I felt the baby move. While googling such a sensation, I've read this movement described as many things, including flutters, bubble popping, cell phone vibrations, butterfly wings... none of which are alike if you ask me. The best I could describe it is if movement had a sound, it was like light ticking. Something like, if somebody could so gently tap you inside your lower belly, if you could imagine something that crazy, that is what it felt like to me. I still wasn't convinced that was the baby I was feeling, but since Tuesday, I have began to feel it more often and more strongly, and I am pretty certain that it is the baby saying hello.

I still get into moments where it is so hard for me to believe I'm pregnant, but with each passing day, it gets more and more real. I imagine it will be really real once the we can give the baby a name after finding out its sex. The anticipation is driving me nuts, but luckily for Eric, his favorite pregnancy symptom is keeping me fairly occupied... nesting!


Tofani Reception

Eric and I spent this past weekend in Indiana to celebrate Erin and Mike's wedding reception. The two of them actually got married in a beautiful ceremony in Hawaii on Valentine's day earlier this year, but decided to have an Indiana reception for friends and family who couldn't make the journey out there.

We got in Thursday afternoon, and spent the afternoon teaching Parker to get more comfortable riding his bike without training wheels. He got the hang of it really fast!
Lexi was a natural, Parker took a little bit of time,
but mastered it by the end of the day
On Saturday morning, we watched the kids' soccer games. Parker scored two goals, and Lexi scored one! I was really impressed by how athletic they both are.

Once the games ended, we were full into wedding mode. The sisters and I headed to Z's oyster bar to set up the cupcakes, and get hair and makeup all done. The guests arrived at around 7, and it was good eats and good partying from there.

The Oberly siblings at the reception
The bride was breathtaking, the venue was awesome, the food was delicious... it was a wonderful reception! Here's to a lifetime of love and happiness to Mike and Erin! Welcome to the family, Mike!