Baby, is that you?

I had another prenatal appointment yesterday. We are 17 weeks 4 days into this pregnancy, and already up 12 lbs! The baby's heart was beating at 155 bpm and sounding good and strong! I had some blood drawn and was sent on my merry little way. The doctor also arranged for an ultrasound for an anatomy scan of the baby for this coming Monday, and I am hoping a particular "part", if you will, within the anatomy scan will reveal if the baby is a boy or girl!

On Tuesday, May 3, while I was sitting behind my computer chatting working, I was convinced that I felt the baby move. While googling such a sensation, I've read this movement described as many things, including flutters, bubble popping, cell phone vibrations, butterfly wings... none of which are alike if you ask me. The best I could describe it is if movement had a sound, it was like light ticking. Something like, if somebody could so gently tap you inside your lower belly, if you could imagine something that crazy, that is what it felt like to me. I still wasn't convinced that was the baby I was feeling, but since Tuesday, I have began to feel it more often and more strongly, and I am pretty certain that it is the baby saying hello.

I still get into moments where it is so hard for me to believe I'm pregnant, but with each passing day, it gets more and more real. I imagine it will be really real once the we can give the baby a name after finding out its sex. The anticipation is driving me nuts, but luckily for Eric, his favorite pregnancy symptom is keeping me fairly occupied... nesting!

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