Next Generation

I'm really beyond excited to enter the journey into parenthood, but one thing I have already gotten to experience and enjoy is being an Aunt. There are few things that can make me as happy as spending time with my nieces and nephews, and I got to do just that on my most recent California visit. I cannot stress enough how fast the kids grow up-- I am actually having conversations with Aidan and Brooke now, and it is nothing shy of amazing.

I landed at LAX around noon, and Bao and I hung out until 3 and picked up the kiddos to do some spoiling. We took them to Build-A-Bear at Downtown Disney. It was so fun seeing them actually having opinions on the animals that they wanted and liked.

This was Aidan's original choice...
He eventually changed his mind.
Hello Kitty comes in pink!
Life could not be better for Brooke
(until the Belle princess dress became an option)
The kids cleaning their new furry friends.
It was really fun watching them figure out the whole process and totally enjoying it. We walked out of Downtown Disney, and our princess, Brooke, couldn't resist completing her royal status with princess makeup. 

Doing whatever it takes to become a princess.

Somebody changed his mind about face painting
when he saw a stranger applying it to his sister.
We then headed to Mom and Dad's house to wait for Chi Hai and have our traditional family dinner at Big Mama's. We used to do this every week when I was still living in California, and it was nice to bring back an old tradition (and getting to eat some home cooking wasn't too shabby either!). 

"YY" is so much fun!
I was beyond happy that the kids totally remembered me and embraced me right away. I spent every following day with them for the rest of my Cali visit, and each time I have to leave it gets harder and harder. These are two of the most charming and lovable toddlers ever, and I really am not just saying that because I'm their Aunt. They are just super fun and sweet, you're doing a wonderful job with them, Anh Chi Hai. Love you all!

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