Oberly Sappy

Even before getting pregnant, I've been known to be a giant sap. But with the surge of hormones brought on by pregnancy, its gotten to a whole new level. While driving yesterday, Carrie Underwood's "All-American Girl" came on the radio, and it totally brought tears to my eyes.

Here are the lyrics that totally got to me:
Since the day they got married
He'd been praying for a little baby boy
Someone he could take fishing
Throw the football and be his pride and joy
He could already see him holding that trophy
Taking his team to state
But when the nurse came in with a little pink blanket
All those big dreams changed

And, now, he's wrapped around her finger
She's the center of his whole world
And his heart belongs to that sweet, little, beautiful, 
wonderful, perfect All American girl

We are wrapping up the 29th week of pregnancy, and got 10 weeks until Riley's due date. Pregnancy is starting to get really uncomfortable, and Virginia's heat wave isn't really helping much, but as smooth as this pregnancy has been I really cannot complain too much. I am getting really anxious to meet our little girl. I cannot wait to rock her to sleep and sing to her all these songs that already make me think of her!


What's in a name?

... a baby by any other name would smell just as sweet! We haven't exactly kept our baby's name a secret, but I figured I might as well make it blog official. Our little girl will be named Riley Hong Oberly.

It was hard for Eric and I to agree on names, but we both agreed that we wanted our children to have somewhat unique names, but nothing too eccentric. Eric's hometown celebrates a children's poet named James Whitcomb Riley. Eric also vaguely remembered a conversation with someone about their niece named Riley, and had since always thought the name was cute for a girl. Upon mentioning that, I agreed, and we decided no discussion needed to further be had-- we had agreed and we're sticking to it... so Riley it is!

Hong is my middle name as well as that of some of my favorite women-- my mom, sisters, and my niece Brooke. I found it an honor to carry on the tradition of the women in my family and also thought it'd be neat to pass down to Riley some of her Vietnamese heritage in her name.

The name Riley is of Irish and Gaelic origin and means "courageous." Hong is Vietnamese for "rose." So there you have it-- our little courageous rose girl.

Never before have I been so eager to put a face to a name!



Eric and I just returned from about a week-long visit in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It was so relaxing-- exactly what we needed! The flight tickets were inexpensive, Grandpa Nial let us use his condo, and Eric's Dad let us use his car... cheap trip plus R&R, can't ask for much more!

Every morning, we walked out to the beach, got some sun, walked around Lauderdale by the Sea for some lunch, and headed back to the condo to cool down. Once we were back to a comfortable temperature (it is super hot in Florida!), we walked downstairs to the pool at Mayberry Mansions, the condo that Grandpa Nial let us stay at. The residence was so lovely and peaceful-- we absolutely loved staying there!

Eric enjoying the beach

Please disregard our beach hair

Our home for the week

After pool time, we took a daily nap, and come evening we'd either venture out to a local restaurant or meet up with Eric's Dad and his friends for some fabulous dining. We were well fed in Florida!

And on the final night, as we were shutting down the condo, we both looked at each other and agreed that we weren't quite ready for the vacation to be over. Usually when we're on vacation for that long, we're both ready to be home by the last day, so that tells you how much we enjoyed this last hurrah before the baby's arrival. It was a fun little vacation, one that we will always remember since the next vacation we take will be significantly different, but in the most awesome way possible.