What's in a name?

... a baby by any other name would smell just as sweet! We haven't exactly kept our baby's name a secret, but I figured I might as well make it blog official. Our little girl will be named Riley Hong Oberly.

It was hard for Eric and I to agree on names, but we both agreed that we wanted our children to have somewhat unique names, but nothing too eccentric. Eric's hometown celebrates a children's poet named James Whitcomb Riley. Eric also vaguely remembered a conversation with someone about their niece named Riley, and had since always thought the name was cute for a girl. Upon mentioning that, I agreed, and we decided no discussion needed to further be had-- we had agreed and we're sticking to it... so Riley it is!

Hong is my middle name as well as that of some of my favorite women-- my mom, sisters, and my niece Brooke. I found it an honor to carry on the tradition of the women in my family and also thought it'd be neat to pass down to Riley some of her Vietnamese heritage in her name.

The name Riley is of Irish and Gaelic origin and means "courageous." Hong is Vietnamese for "rose." So there you have it-- our little courageous rose girl.

Never before have I been so eager to put a face to a name!

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