Earthquakes and Hurricanes

Sounds like the title of my new rap album? Actually, just a summary of this week's events. The East Coast was surprised by a 5.9 earthquake on August 23. You would think that having been born and raised in California would've made this a cruiser for me, but that was not at all the case. I work from home on the 4th floor loft of my townhouse, and often can feel vibrations from heavy trucks passing by. Upon first rumble, I thought that was what I was experiencing, but it didn't stop and continued to get louder and it took my brain a while to process that what was indeed happening was an earthquake. At that point, a million thoughts went through my mind. I'd like to thank all my elementary school drills for having those thoughts include "get under a table or under a doorway" but other thoughts that interfered included "these houses aren't built for this" and "be careful, you're pregnant!"I made the choice to hold on to the stair rail and slowly make it down one flight of stairs to get under a doorway. At that point, I got super dramatic and yelled for Indy, who was 2 floors down. She crawled up, low to the ground, I grabbed her collar and her and I were such a pitiful sight while waiting for the earthquake to end. In hindsight, it really wasn't too bad, but at the moment, I was beyond freaked out.

Then yesterday and last night, the East Coast had to brace ourselves again for the arrival of hurricane Irene. The roughest part of the hurricane hit our area probably between midnight and 2am, while yours truly was sleeping. I am very thankful that we were not badly affected by the hurricane, and I pray for those who were affected by either of these natural disasters.

Today marks week 34 of our pregnancy. One major milestone of my life was exchanging vows and rings with Eric on September 27, 2009. Well today, I had to take off those rings-- my fingers are completely swollen. Besides that, I continue to struggle with sleeping, sitting down and standing up without grunting, and putting shoes on with this giant belly. The good news is, that usually is a sign that baby girl is healthy and growing, and she is always the bright and wonderful light at the end of this tunnel.

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