Cotton Anniversary

Last night, Eric and I celebrated our second year of marriage. This celebration could not have been more opposite than last year's, but it was just as sweet. We decided to raincheck a nice dinner out, seeing as I'm 9 months pregnant and rotating the same 4 bummy outfits over and over again. So the plan was to stay in and cook dinner together. One of the first times Eric cooked for me, he made a peirogi casserole (and cut little hearts out of the pepperonis... I'm into things like that.) We also had always talked about making the famous Oberly family peirogies, a recipe passed down to us from Eric's Grandma. So, that is just what we did.

Eric made the filling as I made the dough.
Eric rolled it out and assembled these

This is the final product after 3 hours
of prepping and cooking! Delicious!

Hubby came home from work with these
beautiful flowers for me.

Our spread of presents on the table. 
When it came to cotton gifts, Eric and I somehow had the same idea. On one of our first dates, we went to a concert and Eric bought me this giant tub of cotton candy. So with some tshirts I gave him a tub of cotton candy. He took it one step further and got me a cotton candy machine with several flavors, with the thought that we could also use it when my niece and nephew come into town to visit their new cousin (get Aidan and Brooke ready for a sugar high, Chi Hai!).

I cannot believe another year has flown by. I feel so blessed and am so thankful to have a husband who continues to love me and care for me more and more each day. To this day, he still manages to make my heart skip a beat by just smiling at me. We have accomplished so much together, and there is absolutely no one else in this world I would rather tackle parenthood with. I love you, Eric Oberly. Here's to a lifetime's worth of love and laughter!

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