Double the fun?

No, just double the chins apparently...

Today, I decided that Indy and I needed to get some exercise so we went on a nice long walk. At the end of our walk, two sweet girls came by on their bicycles and kindly asked me if they could pet Indy. While petting Indy, one girl asked me if I was pregnant, to which I said yes. The other looked and me and followed with "are you having twins???"...

Luckily, I am far enough in this pregnancy to not take that so personally. We now have less than 13 days to go until Riley's due date... can you believe that? Counting days! The car seat is now in the Rav4, all the baby clothes and toys are washed, we are literally playing the waiting game now, and I am totally losing. I am uncomfortable pretty much every day, my patience level is wearing so thin and the slightest spasm plays mind games with me, wondering if this is it! I know life after baby will be just as tiresome if not more, but I really just can't wait to experience the pure joy that comes with it.

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