Nesting and Nursery

We have hit 37 weeks today, and the baby is officially considered full term! I cannot believe we are only 3 weeks away from due date. As it rapidly approaches, I feel excited, anxious, and nervous but above all I am so happy and I simply cannot wait to meet our princess.

Nesting has officially taken over the Oberly household, and it doesn't limit itself to just me. Eric has been doing so much work around the house. He painted the nursery, put up chair rail, built the furniture and hired someone to put up wallpaper and with the exception of some furniture that we're waiting to be delivered, the nursery is complete!

The colors in the photo do not do the room any justice!
It is so soft and adorable-- my favorite room in the house!

Where we will be changing so many diapers.
Volunteers welcome!

And now, we just wait! The hospital bags are packed and ready to go, and we just have to twiddle our fingers and wait for Riley to decide to make her appearance. Not even born yet, and she's already got us wrapped around her tiny little finger!

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